Beloved ~ Michelle offei

He calls me beloved

He calls me the apple of his Eyes

He calls me different, beautiful, unique and wonderful

I know He means every word He says

But my mind can’t grasp it

I do not understand the depth or the width of His love

Instead I doubt

And I start to question myself

Are these words really true?

Or are they just a joke?

Are these words from his heart?

Or ordinary words from His mouth?

I look into the mirror

And try my best

To see myself how he sees me

I look for the beauty in the image that stares back at me

I look to others to confirm all He has called me

But then I hear the voice of the world

Over and over again

They call me ugly

They call me stupid

They call me worthless

At this point, I don’t know what to believe

I don’t know which is actually true

I’m left with this question

The search for my identity

Am I who he calls me?

Or am I who they call me?

Thank you very much Michelle, I am sure we all have asked these questions or felt this way at some point, but God is Love and His words are tested and sure …

So I hope we always remember, that no matter how we feel, whatever life throws at us, or what the world says, that God loves Us forever.

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