Hannah’s Heart conference

Hey yummy mummies

I don’t know about you, but I am excited on your behalf 

why ??? because its Hannah’s Heart conference season, whoop whoop!!!



It is hard to go through these waiting times alone, no one understands your pain, you call hubby to come and pray ( and he is not in the mood) , you want to unburden on your friend but she can’t relate because she is screaming at her toddler to get off the table while talking to you, your mother-In-law is giving you the constant eye….. I know, no one gets it.


But that’s what the Hannah’s heart conference is all about, it’s not a pity party but a praise party 🎉



It’s a gathering for women trusting God for the fruit of the womb

It is for women experiencing Difficult pregnancies

It is literally women, coming together, learning how to wait right, hearing testimonies by other mums, soaking up the word , renewing their minds with the word

And what’s our word ?

And even sweeter is God’s covenant with us

So Yummy mummies, registration for the conference is on so click here to register (cos I know if I send you to Instagram, story will enter)


and if you haven’t already, please follow @hannahsheartglobal for all the details, testimonies and that extra encouragement, cos we all need it. 


And for y’all who think oh I already have kids , I am not married yet, or this does not concern me, nahhhh!!! you can

Pray with us and for all the waiting to conceive mums out there



partner with us (give, give, give, you are most like God when you give)



Publicity (tell your sister, to tell her friend to tell her sister and put it up on social media too)



You all know it is going to be fire!! And if you don’t already know, it is your year and the “Lord has personally gone ahead of you” so do not be discouraged mummy, He will never fail you nor abandon you. 




Love you plenty 





4 thoughts on “Hannah’s Heart conference

  1. More single women need to get into the habit of attending these and praying proactively for the fruit of the womb… I sure wish I could be there in person!


  2. Yummy mummies, congratulations. We love you, we are rooting for you and we are praying with you. Enjoy the praise party


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