God’s heart for me ~ Kay-dee Mashile

I’ve heard it said… I didn’t think it was possible.
But now I finally get it,
Now that I’ve seen it for myself:
You are a breath-taking reflection of God’s heart for me.

You are an echo of God’s voice in my head
You speak in words
What the Holy Spirit whispers as peace to my heart
You articulate His groans of love into words that both my heart and mind can comprehend
You sound just like God!
You nourish me with His Word
You correct me through His Love
And you guide me in His truth
You are such a breath-taking reflection of God’s heart for me

You hold my hand and lead me to the Father
Just like Jesus did on the cross
You don’t walk away when I do wrong
Instead, you draw nearer and shine brighter the light of God in you
Your heart of love causes all fear and darkness to flee
You inspire me to become the best version of myself, the very Dream in God’s heart…

Your life inspires me to lay down my life and give my all to God
You carry me to Jesus, even when I’m paralysed by my own actions and unbelief
You love me in spite of me, relentlessly and recklessly so
Gosh! You are such a breath-taking reflection of God’s heart for me

You are my heaven on earth
A glimpse of the marriage of Christ to the Church
A true disciple of Christ,
And I know this through the love you give…
You give of yourself withholding nothing
You give to many who could never give you anything in return
You serve wholeheartedly
Yet you also lead confidently, with utmost respect
Not only are you a reflection of His heart for me
But you are a beautiful reflection of God’s heart, period.

In fact, you are God’s heart!

You are an example of His ability to do exceedingly, abundantly, far above all that I could ever ask or think
Calling you an answered prayer would be a lie
Unless I acknowledge you are His very desire for me
A divine response to the divine intercession of the Spirit and the Son

The flame that reignites me when my light threatens to die out
You are extra oil for my lamp, you keep me warm and alive while we wait for The Bridegroom

My Groom, you are a reflection of God’s heart for me…
You pour out your heart to refill me when I’m low, and you don’t relent
You seek me out and pull me back into the light when darkness lurks; you allow me to share the light you’ve given me when your days are dark

You stick closer than a brother, my Dearest Friend
You show me in countless ways that His ways and thoughts are higher than mine
You are all that I never knew to pray for, the dream in God’s heart for me…
An earthen vessel within which God placed so much treasure, just for me
The skin within which He gave me a lifetime supply of new wine
A gorgeous reflection of His loving heart
Just for me


what a wow!!!

Dear wives, please tell us, is this how marriage really is? are you just whining us? how do you see your groom? do you ever wax lyrical with him? do you write poems, songs, rap? see we want to know, share in the comments section please (asking for all my single friends, we are taking notes) and just in case words fail you and “you did not dey”, share this with hubby and celebrate your groom today, who knows he might just come back home with keys to a BMW after reading this.

thank you very much Kay-dee, it hit all the right spots.


Love and Light


7 thoughts on “God’s heart for me ~ Kay-dee Mashile

  1. Awwwwwwwwwnn, the awesomeness of this poem can’t not be quantified with words😍😍. What a fantabulous work !💖🤗💞💗💛😊💛


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