It’s Monday people, hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend. I know you have a lot to do , so let’s get to it.

Before now pencils didn’t mean much to me, I didn’t think about them much or at all, I have a few of them around the house that I have saved because I thought they were too cute to be used yeah but to me they were just cute pencils, until I went for our first singles meeting in church on saturday and my mama blew my mind with her message on pencils, let me just say this, I can never look at pencils in the same not interested way again.

The first thing mama said was I collect pencils and I thought it was funny and cute and yes we all laughed at her story of how she looks out for pencils here and there and collects them, even if she couldn’t understand it but soon things got serious and we got to the main gist of the day and I took home lessons I thought everyone could benefit from,

so I need to share…

– find your point (like a pencil, u need to sharpen it until you can find a point, because until the led is out and well sharpened it really has no point and can’t be used) your point is your mission, your purpose in life, what you were created for, so if you are just rolling out of bed daily without a purpose then life is just pointless. So sharpen your spirit with the word of God, sharpen your skills and find your point, so you can live a purposeful life.

– make a mark (all a pencil needs is a surface and it can make a mark, so whether its a wall, a table or a fine sheet of paper, a pencil will make a mark) that’s how our lives should be. We should be able to make a mark, wherever we find ourselves or wherever we go. Don’t just live and die unnoticed but whatever platform or surface you find yourself, make a difference, make a change so that whenever you go you leave your footprints and you are never forgotten, be the solution, be the answer and make a Mark.

– You need to be sharpened (pencils cannot be used until you have put them in a sharpener, sharpening them only means they need to be put to more use) so remember that your challenges, hardships, difficulties will only make you stronger and better, (corinthians 4:17 msg) says that these hard times are like small potatoes compared to the coming good times, the lavish celebration prepared for us. So be patient, hang on because these hardships are only sharpening experiences designed to make you better.

-The most important part of you, is what’s on the inside of you. (No matter how fine a pencil looks, if it has no led in it, its useless) that’s how we are as humans, beauty, swag and all that drama is only skin deep, the real beauty lies on the inside of you. So be sure to take care of the inside, feed the spirit, polish your character and remember the word says we have “Treasures in earthly vessels” and you are a vessel, so guard your treasures.

-Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by pens: I really liked this point because I could relate, I can’t count how many times I beef someone because they are in a fine car, or how I envy my friends who are married and have kids but I have learned not to hate because people are getting blessed but to celebrate, because if God is doing it for my neighbour it means He is in the neighbourhood and He will be knocking on my door next. So I know a pen might seem shinier, brighter and bolder next to a pencil but remember a pen is not as easy to erase and its bold for all to see , the grass isn’t always greener on the other side and the same God is rich unto all.. Just remember a pencil writes as well as a pen, don’t be intimidated by the pens shining all around you.

-Your mistakes are erasable because you are a pencil: when writing with pencils, mistakes don’t bother you so much because they can always be erased and like the pencil has to bend over to be able to use its eraser, that’s how we as humans have to be humble so that God can erase our sins. So remember that God loves you, He can totally erase every sin and forget them but you have to be humble and realise that you also have the ability to change it.

-You will do great things: no matter how pencil a pencil is, if I don’t pick it up to write, it can never write. It can be pretty and slim, big and tall but even the pencil acknowledges that it needs a hand to hold it. Never forget that God has a plan, purpose but He needs to hold your hand for you to accomplish all the great things. So no matter how intelligent, smart or bright you are, the only way you can fulfil purpose is when u let God work through you. The same way a pencil can never write your thoughts except with u holding it, is the same way we cannot achieve purpose except with God holding us. We are like pencils in the hands of the creator, let God use you.

Lastly no matter how great you become never forget the people that held your hands and don’t think you are more important because you made a mark more than those who held your hand. When she finished, I just sat there smiling, I could never look at a pencil again without remembering these lessons.

I had to go to the archives for this one, it’s an old message but the lessons are still relevant and new and when I read it again after all these years, I realize why the Bible says , faith cometh by hearing and hearing … if you stop hearing you forget the word so I hope you carry these lessons with you and not just today but always.


Still collecting pencils for you mama 🥰🥰😘

Love and light


12 thoughts on “PENCILS

  1. Who would have thought that these mindblowing lessons could be learnt from pencils

    Thanks for sharing Disemi. I’m definitely cherishing my pencils going forward


  2. Disemi you are not the only one seeing pencils differently after the teaching, thanks for sharing the nuggets. What is on my inside? Allow God hold my hands


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