You too can wait

Hey guys!!! Are you enjoying your weekend ? It’s the first weekend I have had off in forever and I wish it wouldn’t end but we all know it will be over in a wink 😉 so I intend to soak it all up.


What do you have planned for today ?? Yeah you! Oya keep reading …


Do you ever feel like you just want to give up and just have sex with your significant other already? You think everyone is doing it and there is no big deal , so you just want join the bandwagon and chill with the big boys? Does your boyfriend or fiancé tell you that nobody will know if you do it or Shebi the wedding is next week so it doesn’t matter (just show me your bra) ?


Truth is loads of people are having sex , maybe even the sister next to you in church. Yes your friend lives with her boyfriend , we have plenty baby mama’s all around, no one will know (but God is watching you in HD) and yes body no be fire wood but….


There are also loads of people out there who are virgins , who know that fornicating is a sin, those who understand that even though they are not virgins, they are doing better because they know better


I know it’s hard , take it from me but there is only one standard and anything outside of that is wrong. Remember that rhyme “first comes love, then comes marriage , then comes baby in a carriage” that is still the order of business.



So set your alarms for 8pm today and Join Pk on a live with a “virgin turned Sexpert” , you really don’t want to miss this.


And yes I know you have married but I am sure you can learn something too. Singles do not miss this , details are below, see you at 8.



Love and light



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