Appreciate a Pastor’s wife

I met mama years ago,  about 16 years back (yes I am priding). It was after service, Papa had preached a storm, I walked up to her and greeted her, we didn’t say much because I mean what do you say?


Yes , I have always wanted to ask, what do you guys say when you highjack your pastors after service ; after how are you and service was great , what remain?? Cos I be here envying all of you , and how you guys stand close talking and laughing and then after that, prayer will follow. I really need to know cos I want to be like you all when I grow up. I digress…..


As I was saying, we said a few words and she gave me her number and about a week after that, I sent her a message about something and that’s where our love began.


It was a simple message but she knew then that I was a good writer ( as in, when it comes to written words, I dey try 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 and this is the story I will write in my first book when I dedicate it😛😛😛, haters will hate) and she said as much.


We texted back and forth and of cos my head remained in a swelled state because when a bestselling author tells you, you have a way with words, you say amen and then pack your bags and relocate to cloud nine and that’s where I have been living for a while.


Over the years that is exactly how we have communicated, with written words. I send her long letters and she writes back (I didn’t say you should write her letter o, before she won’t have time for me again Ehen just see her after service in church and leave my line of communication open , I am only just telling you people a story cos I know world people. before you ask, she is busy and no she won’t reply😒😒😒😒)

As I was saying before you all distracted me …

I have loved being pastored by her, she has been a mentor , a mother and more and my relationship with her has kept me sane on the worst days.

I like that I can send her a message and she always has wise words to share

I like that I can learn from her , she reminds me of my mother and oldest sister , does not take nonsense, has a standard and expects same from the people around her

I like that we have our way of communicating, I don’t have to hang around in church looking for the right words to say but I can send her simple messages to say , that message was fire , or why so hot!, or I love you and we like it

I like that I can send her a list of books to buy for me when she travels because we both love to read, the sweet part is that she actually does it

I like that I can raid her library because we read a lot of the same authors

I like that I can remove the cloth on her body because I like it and she will actually do it because that’s her

I like our long letters and how she gives me room to be open and honest

I like how we can vibe in the dm

I like how she leads , lives and loves

I like how she walks her talk

I like how she tells me to have faith in the most simple ways

I like how she tells me she will always be there, whether we talk daily or yearly

I like how she makes time for me

I like how she preaches and I tell her every time that she doesn’t preach enough

I like how she is my pastor’s wife but also my Pastor

I like her


And This month we are appreciating Pastor’s wives around the world ,and I cannot tell you how much she has been a blessing to me, in good times , bad times , hard times, crazy times. Sometimes, she has just watched me from afar, holding me up in love and I think everyone needs that and today I can boldly say that everyone needs a PM in their life.


So maybe you don’t attend DCC, then go home to your church and love up on your pastor’s wife, why? because they carry your man of God in every way possible, the one who stands behind that powerful anointed man is that lady ,and she deserves her accolades.


If you belong to a tribe whether in UK , Canada, South Africa , Ghana then you already know that we are nominating Pastor’s wives and appreciating them this month. I know we all have people to nominate but more than just nominating people , sow a seed, and make one beautiful lady feel loved and if you do not belong to a tribe then join one today, leave a comment and we will connect you to your tribe.


So go out there , call your Pastor’s wife , send her flowers, buy her something thoughtful, write her a letter, send her a gift, she has been a blessing, held up your man of God , given him room to be who God has called him to be, brought his vision to life, so this month, show her some love.


And if PM has ever preached a message that changed you, been a part of your spiritual journey , touched your life in anyway then leave a comment, sow a seed , tell her how much she means in the comments . Tell us your favourite PM story, or your favourite message, and if your story is sweeter than mine , I will  give you a gift (ok I am joking , or maybe not ) but I think you should tell us. She will love to read your stories.


Mama I love you, I am thankful for all the little and big things you do, the hard messages you preach, the flint mode attitude and everything in-between and for your voice that I hear all the time telling me go, you can do this or simply saying God is your standard and every other wise thing you say, your obedience to Jesus puts me on the straight and narrow daily.

I am thankful for you, I appreciate you and I love you.


Love always
Your Baby

33 thoughts on “Appreciate a Pastor’s wife

  1. Well, if you have encountered mama beyond the pulpit, you won’t question a thing that Disemi has just said. My PM story will have people leave this one o… Don’t try me, Disemi🤣🤣 (just kidding and not really kidding). Thank you Mama for all you do. We love you and we appreciate you. And yes, it is so sweet to know that you actually know that I love you ❤️❤️❤️🤗


  2. I am still in awe!!!!!!
    Will drop a msg when I recover.
    Disemi, how on earth do we even begin to win that prize? I am coming…


  3. I really enjoyed reading this Semi. Indeed, you have a way with words. Thank you to all the Pastors wives out there. God bless and reward you ❤️


  4. I’m happy I encountered your ministry before marriage (not still married yet) but I had flawed views about it. Mama corrected them. God bless you and everything you hold dear PM. Still hoping to meet you physically one day!


  5. Pastor M
    My Mama
    First Original Lady of DCC
    My Role Model😍😍😍😍
    The accolades are very many ma. I just feel really honoured that you’ll get to read what I write. (Let me blush first☺☺☺☺☺) The first day I spoke with you, my heart dropped into my belly in excitement. I was so excited that after the zoom meeting, I quickly messaged by bestfriend and told him you spoke to me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s how excited I was.
    Last week during 3pmwithpm, you called my name twice(hehehehe!!!! I don hammer 💃💃💃💃💃) I still told my bestfriend that you called my name on ig live.

    I’m so so blessed to be part of the generation that you mentor. All your sermons are my favourite. I’m going to be taking some of your anointing when next you come to the UK ma so please come well loaded….There’s just so much I have to say but I don’t have the “vocab”(this English donndey hard for me now) yet. The year I get it, I will still let you know how much you’ve been a blessing to me.

    I love you mama
    I love that you inspire me
    I love that you love God
    I love that you have given yourself as a vessel that will lead this generation to “our” promise land.
    God bless you mama🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.

    With so much love ❤❤❤❤❤❤


      1. How does one even put into words the gift of Pastor M. I started following her last year and my life completely transformed. Like it can only be God who led me to find her page. I don’t even have a fav message. I’ve watched and absorbed all of them. I’m now a Jamaican who understands pigin 😄 and sometimes a phrase will just come out and I’ve have to translate because my people have no idea what I’m talking about😆. Her love for the word has made loooove the bible and freed me from KJV😅 Too much to write so I’ll stop here. Pastor Mildred is a global gift to this generation and we love and celebrate her. May God continue to bless and strengthen her❤❤❤


  6. Pm is not perfect o, but she is the Jesus i see, her heart is perfect, she loves deeply, if you do nonsense, be afraid, she will flog you. I love that I have access, and I love that she sees me, just like my ROHI. i love her plenty and i dont hesitate to tell her. I love how she takes care of my Papiozooooo ad how DCC has grown because of the gift of her. I love how she is a hands on gran parent to my kids. She is a love child of a love God, she has a heart shape on her forehead, that cannot be a coincidence. I love her.


  7. Omo…we that don’t have a way with words nko, what shall we do? How do we even begin to try? We’re unable to can Disemi 😄
    Myself and mama have met but have not met 🤭 I was so starstruck when I saw her at Holyhill church that I froze
    I’ve personally been blessed by your ministry mama

    On behalf of the online DCC members, I say we love and appreciate you


  8. Thank God for Pastors and Pastor’s wives. God bless you PM for your obedience to God and impact in my life. I celebrate you😍❤️


  9. One powerful message she taught at a mid-week service a couple of years ago on the core values of DCC gave me the strength to go through a challenging heath season at the time. All I got and can still remember from the message was “Victory is Sure”. Today, I’m still living and most especially because I don’t look like what I have been through. Indeed, I got my Victory. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😇🙏🙏

    Another profound message she taught that stood out for me was last year’s Christmas service she tagged: Christmas is coming!!! 💥💥🔥🔥🔥👌

    Although, I haven’t had an intimate chat with her, only a selfie I snapped with her a couple of years ago at a hangout she spent one evening with 40 ladies as part of her 40th birthday celebration activities.

    Her smile is so charming 😍 but I really long for her hug someday soon. 🙃🥰❤❤


    1. Oh her hugs are the best , I can tell you that for free and she gives them out freely and warmly. I am thankful for your life and the blessing that PM has been to you.


  10. From the first moment I heard PM preach, it was love at first listen. But I will never ever forget the first time I met her in person. It was so surreal that the first words that came out of my mouth were “Oh my God!”. She is so gracious and humble yet her passion is contagious. She understands her God ordained assignment and she is not backing down. I really admire her authenticity, she doesn’t try to paint herself to be perfect. Instead, she exemplifies that growth in one’s faith walk can only come from a place of total surrender to Christ.
    Thank you so much mama for being a great light to me and transforming the way that I study the Word.
    You are so seen and loved by all of us❤️ You make it easy to love you mama. God bless you for all your hard work and dedication. I pray for grace for you to continue to soar higher in every area of your life🙏🏽


  11. Thanks Pastor M for accepting the call.I ve been following you for 2 years and i have been soo much blessed by your messages.You are such a blessing Ma and i personally love you so much .Ive never been to Nigeria before but when i listen to you i feel sooo close proving that distance is not a barrier.Thanks to you im now on spotify just listening to some Episodes.
    Of your Breakfast messages..I love the one of yesterday the one for Pastor’s wives .It made my day .Im stilI in the preparation phase in ministry and being mentored distantly by you (unofficially) through your messages has been of great help .I felt like God himself speaking to me .I repeated that message over and over with tears in my eyes
    That breakfast is another dimension .Thank you ma for everything you do .Recently i told my husbant “i would be the “Mildred kingsley-Okonkwo in by your side in ministry. i know you would say “you will be better than me .Happy Pastor wives celebration week.I celebrate you Ma.



  12. PM. I love you sha from all the way far East to far West. We have meet but we have not met.. see me we don hook up in my mind, soul and dreams… ( but we have even e-met during the last zoom you see) I love how you pray for me every year on my birthday during 3PM… it always blessess my soul and my whole being and make the birthday a great one. Me na you Abound gang tae go!..

    Love you always.
    Hazel…aka Sexyhazy


  13. Awww my dear pastor M. GOD BLESS the day I discovered your You tube . I was a newly married wife oo. I love the Lord but I was quick tempered I was looking for answers how to handle conflicts without been disrespectful in my home. Your messages did so much for me . You showed me how to respond as a child of God with references from the word of God. I was glued to your channel . I was in Nigeria then once I can’t sleep I used my big night YouTube data to listen to all your messages . Secondly you made me fall in love with the word of God. I now enjoy reading God’s word in different versions. I now see God speaking to me directly through his word. Then I joined 3pm with Pm and the tribe. Your virtues and Godly lifestyles are now rubbing off on me even when we have never met. God bless you ma and May you be strengthened by God. I celebrate you ma. My home is never the same since I followed you . Thanks again and again ma.


  14. I’ve always loved mama and I’m so grateful to God for the gift of PM and that I got the opportunity to be part of the global family. I remember joining this family when I sent a message on IG to “justusgirlsglobal” that I would love to write. This made me fall in love with writing especially when I saw the write-up’s of others and then boom I find out that PM is the founder 😍, all the more reason to be head over heels😁😘🤗. I then went ahead to research about her on YouTube and then subscribed to her channel so I’ll know when she uploads a new video. I downloaded lots of her messages that I’m still even listening to up till today😅. Although, I won’t really want to choose from any of her messages but I can’t help but talk about “Youniversity” because it made me discover myself and then I love “how to be unusual”, this changed my perspective on so many things, pushed me to do better and inspired me in every area of my life. Thank you so much PM, I hope to meet you in person someday☺️ and also write a beautiful piece on this blog someday😍


  15. Hmmmmmm!!!!! I really do have much to say AND SINCERELY GRATEFUL TO YOU MA.

    2020 precisely from October,my marriage turned around to the extent that I kept on wondering what happened and where I went wrong. Going the pain of delivery and after maternity,while it’s almost time for me to go back home from work,I feel my heart in my mouth becauses I don’t know exactly what am going to face at home (from marriage lol) that was how bad it was for me and coupled with Hmmmmm from inlaws to relocate and join them where there were despite where my husband was. Hmmmmmm let me just stop here for me because it was really unbearable for me and the bad part was that, I couldn’t talk to any one,not even my parent (you know this mentality of you don’t share ur marriage issue with…… and when I eventually did,it’s was as if fuel was added to fire (if you understand what I mean).Also the few people I was able to share my issue with Hmmmmm😊😊😊😊😊 sincerely was no way out.i would cry at night with my 2nd child bearly one year in my arm, in d ladies in my office……… Hmmmmm

    That was how it was and I started seeking God’s face as badly as I could for a way out,to lead me to someone (a woman precisely who would understand what I was going through,not judge my husband in any way, could teach how to go about marriage and my life most especially because I was already loosing it)

    While praying,I also started searching for female preacher who speaks on marriage issue and who I could lean on,learn from,who I could call at any point in time and I met PM, MY MA’MA woaaaaaaaaaa😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 while listening to one of her message titled “MANAGING YOUR EMOTIONS” and just like that,OMG I no fit explain how eh do me that day. GBAM SHE IS THE ONE.

    Na so ohh,na so I take begin follow my mucmy on line (EVEN IF SHE DOESN’T KNOW ME) till I got to know about 3pmwithPM and sincerely,MY MARRIAGE TURNED AROUND THROUGH HER still not up to what I desire but am still trusting God through her for the BEST MARRIAGE just like she said to one of our tribe members last week I think during 3pm with her(the lady prayed for a beautiful marriage like hers and she said back, that the lady should pray for a better one than her’s).

    My dear, make I just end my story here ohhh,so Mumcy go gree read am oh(😍😍😊😊😊😊)




    like I said in my last DM to you,I wish I had met you before I married NOT BECAUSE I DONT LOVE MY HUSBAND,MY CHILDREN OR ALL I HAVE ma, but because I would have had a better understanding of what MARRIAGE IS ALL ABOUT AND HOW TO STILL CONTINUE TO KEEP MY SELF BEAUTIFUL PHYSICALLY AND INTELLECTUALLY.



  16. The first time I heard Mama preach was at the justusgirls Revived conference last year.
    When I tell you that I was frozen in my seat with awe and childlike wonder!!!
    I kept asking myself how I haven’t heard her speak before. Her words went straight to my heart. 😭❤
    God bless you Mama. Thank you for all that you do. Really, thank you. You’re a pastor to us, you’re a mother to us, you’re a sister to us, you really are everything.
    You’re a million shades of amazing and I thank God for you everyday.
    I love you. ❤🫂


  17. Mama,

    I am grateful for the gift of you. Unlike Disemi I lack words in situations like this but I will always show you your last born appreciates all that you are and do ma


  18. For me connecting with pastor Mildred is nothing short of miraculous. There was something she usually says that is very true for me; ‘YOU KNOW GOD LOVES YOU BY THE KIND OF PASTORS HE GIVES TO YOU’ God gave her to me just when i needed her, a new wife and mother, recently moved to Europe. New roles and expectations, little experience. Listening to her has been taught me many things and has opened my eyes to different possibilities in God. Sometimes when she talks its like hearing myself….lol. Seriously, i think we are kindred spirits. I really can’t wait to meet her. God bless you again and again for me, PM, i think of the lives you touch, the women you encourage to become all that God called them to be and i think of the way God will be smiling proudly at you. I love you, ma, please keep up the good work!


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