Tell Her – Blessing E

Happy international women’s day Ladies!!!

It is always a great thing to celebrate people and if we are being honest women are such a power house , whether it’s at home, in the office , by their husbands, in life in general and we really deserve our day.

Today we do not single out mothers , or wives , or daughters.. today we celebrate the one who birthed you, we celebrate the sister sitting next to you at work, we recognize the little woman you are raising, we raise our glasses to every woman out there…

And here is a little reminder to all the beautiful women around the globe and our JUG’S family, that you are beautiful, amazing and if no one has told you, you are doing well.

Do your thing Blessing ….

Tell her she is an eagle,

for everytime she flutters her wings,

an eaglet dares to rise.


Tell her she is beautiful,

this beauty deeply rooted at the center of her being.

She is a fountain, she’ll never run dry.


Tell her she is a song,

a lifetime lyrics on the lips of a longing generation.


Tell her to listen again,

they are chanting her name,

She is the rhythm to which their feet want to dance.

Tell her!!!

Today, this month, I dare you all to go out there and love up on a Woman, fix another’s crown, be your sisters keeper , tell her she is amazing, industrious, insightful, hardworking…

Go out there and tell her….

Happy international women’s day.

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