Guilty or Not guilty

Hey people , happy new month!!!

It feels like we were just saying happy new year, yesterday and here we are in March and I just keep asking 2022 to calm down, I know there are things to do but what’s the rush, can we take a moment to smell the coffee?



Anywho , in house writer today is a clown 🤡 and I don’t mean that literally (just keep reading and you will get it). Today we wanted to keep it fun and light and I am sure by the time you guys are done reading this, you will see yourselves in her, cos I am sure you all have asked yourself the same questions (looking at all you wives with bad eye)


Take it away sugar……


My name is STAR and I am your favourite drama queen.


Today I have come to report my darling husband to you guys(more like report myself but I will let you guys judge)



I have been a good girl all week o, making the meals, caring for the kids, sorting laundry, making peppered turkey for ‘the husband’ and generally being a very good girl.



I even bought him a beautify designer shirt this week, in his favourite colour – Purple. He absolutely loves it and I scored major points.



But something happened today and I just don’t understand this my Darling Husband.


So Le boo has been extra mushy all day, he ran my bath, helped me pick my outfit for work,  watched me dress up, did my zip before I asked for help, walked me to the car , helped me check the water in my radiator, turned the car to face the exit of the estate and then blew me a kiss before he went back to the house to prepare for work.



He called me all day at work as usual, made me feel all sweet and special  and then even goes the extra mile to ask ‘Baby, Shawarma or BBQ fish’ , hmmmmm I thought about it for a few seconds and settled on fish. My heart was happy, all day I was just telling God how blessed I am that He gave me hubby and that I married well (somebody shout hallelujah!!!)


He gets home, we eat the fish with Schweppes Mojito, by the way I love schweppesssssss. We talked for a bit, I left him in the living room to get ready for bed and I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillows, I mean He gives His beloved sweet sleep, innit?



This morning I woke up happy about the day before and in a great mood, and uncle is carrying face somehow, like why? what I do?




Abeg, let me face my Jesus, as He does not carry face for anybody…

but really was hubby expecting a reward for all the extra extra niceness of yesterday??? 

Why didn’t he just ask? Afterall I don’t read minds.

How do I handle oooo??



See why I said sister is a clown, I mean husband is a great husband everyday but this particular day, our brother was trying to woo you, this is what we call “foreplay” but my sister said she does not read minds. she actually had the guts to collect all that love alllll day and tell the man, “night is for sleeping” and because He is such a great man, He let her sleep. 



if he did not do all that and he just came home and said I want you, I am sure you would have said “you are not even romantic”. 


So wives, I have judged the matter (if you are on this table) you are wrong, the guy was not subtle and no he was not expecting a reward, he was just setting the tone for the evening, so next time before all of you tie wrapper on your chest and wear that your bonnet to sleep, please call me and ask me, I read minds for a living, lets give to Caesar what belongs to him 😉


alright guys, leave a comment for Star, is this something you would do, how would you have handled, are you also on team “we don’t read minds”??? 


Dear Star , you are GUILTY as charged, bangs gravel!!! go home and make it up to Le boo.



see y’all in the comments section. 

love Disemi 

13 thoughts on “Guilty or Not guilty

  1. We that are married to Jesus gang do with this wisdom now?? Oh ok, I remember! We can save it for the future… Thank you Disemi🙌❤️


  2. What shall we that are married to Jesus gang do with this wisdom now? Oh Ok! I remember… We can save it for the future… Thank you Disemi 🙌❤️


  3. 😂😂😂oh I loved this piece. I’m a married to Jesus gang but even me knew that something had to go down that night like whaaattt😂😂😂Le boo set up stage and lighting and background and everything and you have gone to sleeepp??? Staaappp eeettt



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