Firstly, Lola is one of the tidiest people I’ve ever seen walk the surface of the earth. We would often tease her for having OCD. Everything was color coded; nothing was placed an inch lower or higher than they should be. Girl was a freak. A neat freak.


We are careful to enter her room sometimes even, especially me,  because I never understood why it should be that deep. This was the only reason for our fights in Uni; me sitting roughly on her bed and not straightening the corners as soon as I got up.


So, you would understand the scare when all four of us barged into her room and met papers torn and littered about the place, wardrobe doors wide open, clothes all over the bed and floor, bathroom door open with toilet paper on the ground and no signs of Lola.


“Lola!” Bidemi called out. I could hear the fear in his voice.


We dispersed in the room in search for Lola.


I immediately whipped out my phone and dialed her number.


Switched off.


“ Baby where are you? ”

Bidemi’s voice was now shaking.  Tears had began to roll down Eso’s eyes. The window was shut and there was no balcony. Lola couldn’t have jumped out or walked past us in the living room without us noticing.  I ran into the bathroom, Kenny was already calling her Captain daddy to send a search party somehow, someway and confusion filled the room.


“ Holyspirit, where is Lola? “ Bidemi prayed helplessly.


In a second, we heard a light sob.


We rushed to the corner where the sound came from and saw Lola on the floor curled up to a ball by the side of her nightstand. The curtain covered her fully. Bidemi rushed to her, and we followed.


“ Baby, what is going on? “


“ Lola what is happening?. Please say something you are scaring everyone” Eso had now broken down into ugly tears.


Lola looked up, eyes bloodshot and swollen. She had clearly been crying for a really long time. She looked terrible.


She shot a first glacnce at Eso, then at Kenny and me. She looked back down. I don’t know if the other girls or Bidemi noticed, but it seemed like she avoided eye contact with Him.


I stroked her hair lightly. I knew this was heavy. At least, with the nonacademic staff from hell in 100 level, she could talk between sobs. She’s usually able to verbally express herself regardless of how bad the situation was. But today, Lola could not speak, and she could not look at Bidemi. It was heavy.


“Sweetie, you are going to have so say something. Whatever it is, it can be fixed” Kenny spoke.


What could have happened?


My mind started playing out possible scenarios.


Did she do something that would look like cheating on Bidemi while in Lagos?


Did she find out a deep secret about Bidemi?


What was it??!!! My mind was already running wild and everyone was quite until Bidemi broke it.


“ Baby please look at me”


 He pleaded. He must have noticed what I noticed earlier.


No response.


“Babe …?”


 He stretched out his hand and with his index finger he reached for her chin, even while she laid curled up, and he lifted it and whispered.


“ Babe please talk to me, my heart breaks to see you like this”


Lola’s eyelid lifted reluctantly, she looked at Bidemi’s face and …..waterworks.


She had no more sobs in her, just tears, and they flowed freely.


She said nothing.  Just shed hot tears and she looked at Bidemi as if searching for something in his face.


We were all now seated on the floor tongue tied. This was all so…..somehow.  We looked at our friend dealing with so much pain and we could do nothing to help her.


She kept her wondering gaze on Bidemi and the tears didn’t stop flowing.


Bidemi moved closer, removed his hand from her chin and placed his palm wide on her cheek covering a side of her face and her ear.


“ Babe, Whatever it is , please tell me”


Lola sat up slowly, looking away from Bidemi, she spoke with a terribly cracked voice.


We would have been happy she finally said something if the something she said didn’t send shock waves round the  room and tears to Bidemi’s eyes.


“ I cannot be with you anymore Bidemi” .


What happened for God’s sake?!

 …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… be continued





  1. Chisom, please what have we done to you?
    You’re beginning to “lola” us too

    Zee world should come to you for tutorials on successful suspense storytelling skills


  2. Ok! At this point Chisom, I’ll press your neck!!! Why??? Why will you leave me hanging like that??? I’m pained!!!! Tell us already 😭😭😭.

    I love the story but love the suspense even more 🥰🥰🥰🥰. Great job, Chisom 👏👏👏


  3. Wow just read through all 3 parts in one go! couldn’t even pause to comment o!
    Wonderful writing Ms Chizzy! 😍 love it!


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