Dear single ladies – Faith Tiza

Hey ladies, do you ever think about what you want in a man? Stupid question , I know but  besides the whole tall, dark, and handsome with a sprinkle of Jesus something, what else do you want, what do you look out for?
So let me gist you….
About 5/6 years ago, my husband and I were driving to my house after service on a Sunday(we were dating at the time).
Seated in the passenger seat and gisting, my eyes caught a white envelope which looked like those fine envelopes that carry money🤑😅
I carried it and asked my boo what it was and he just casually said it was money he took out from his salary to give his mum for monthly stipends.
At this point, he was not earning a lot (and trust me when I say not a lot) but he would take out money for his tithe, seed for Church, his mum had her share, don’t forget all the basics like food, bills, fuel for his car, and of course he had to wow his new babe🥰 all in the city of Abuja! And this man was doing all these things effortlessly and joyfully.
I asked if it was just a one time thing and he said he did it every month after pay day(which I saw him do over and over again).
Honestly I was thrown aback because his parents are well to do and did not need his widows mite but it was the thoughtfulness for me, it was the sense for me, it was the extension of his care to others asides himself for me.
Certain things are important and make a great impression on me and this was one of them. He didn’t know and it wasn’t something I would necessarily look out for in a man but I saw it in him and it made me realize he was the kind of man I wanted. Responsible and thoughtful, not just for me but for our parents, loved ones and people around us.
I knew that we’d never stay begging for food or essentials because the man had sense and he was a giver, I knew our parents would be cared for because the more we had, the more they also had and same for our loved ones too…
It’s been 5 years and he is still the same responsible man, always doing something for us. This Christmas, he insisted on getting my dad a Special Christmas package(asides all we did) and my dad was so happy with what we got him.  We still have not got them the house or the Bentley, but what matters most to them is not the things but that we honour, respect and care for them😊
Don’t buy into the vision of a man who says ‘I will when I have more money’.
You will always know what he will do when he has more by what he does with the little he has now.
Money is not everything…the heart is!
Love always,

7 thoughts on “Dear single ladies – Faith Tiza

  1. 👏👏👏👏👏 I remember asking God for confirmation when my husband first asked me out and the Scripture I kept hearing over and over again was : Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.


  2. Thank you faith.
    Certainly, a man’s heart is more important. And, if he cares so much about his parents, he will surely do the same for his own family…
    One of the main characters I’ll keep before me.


  3. Thank you Faith, ‘it is the thoughtfulness and honouring both parents’ that got me. I really pray that I will be blessed with a loving and thoughtful husband


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