Hi everyone, So a quick one before I bury my head back in other work.

There are two places in Lagos that are my absolute favorite;

  1. My House
  2. The House.


My Gees: “Let’s chill now. Where should we go?”

Me: “The House.”

Pastor M: “Chisom where do you think one can relax with friends. Somewhere cool and isn’t too crowded”

Me: “The House”

Bobo trying to impress me: “Hey, so you since you’re free on Friday, can we hang out? Just tell me where you want to go”.

Me: “The House”

Maybe they mixed kobnomi in their drink for me the first time I went there or maybe it’s their sea food pasta, or the complementary crisp  potato chips you get  while you wait for your order.

Or wait, I think it’s the whole living room setting. With bouncy couches and furry drapes for warmth because the AC is wild!

Or is it the confusion I see on people’s faces when they hear it for the first time that just excites me?


Me: *Dressing up to go out*

Person in the house with me: “Chisom, where are you going to?”

Me: “The House”

Person: ” What house?” *Sincerely confused for a minute……or five* 

Me: *Enjoys the moment for a bit before putting them out of their misery*


The House, in my opinion is one of the coolest Cafés / Restaurants in Lagos.

It is somewhere in Victoria Island after a number of maze turns from Ajose Adeogun.

Nope! There is no signpost anywhere, so you are just going to have to trust google map and Psalm 23:4 because nothing introduces The House to you until you walk through those black steel gates.


Maybe the mystery of it all fuels my love for the place sef.


My favorite seat, you’ll find it just by the corner on the left as soon as you enter the main area, and above it is a bookshelf. Like, a bookshelf with actual books. There are books there you can pick up and read as you nibble on your starter.

Now this part is for the introverts only. It’s dimly lit guyysss!!!. You can literally be there, and your old school mates will pass you and not see you. For real.

Ou! Watch this! There are sockets by the seats where you can charge your devices! Yo! Does it get cooler than that? Does it?After placing your order to eat in just order some seafood pasta and an oreo milkshake to go. Send it to me. *wink*

But for real though, I think you should check it out if you are in Lagos Nigeria. If you don’t want to do extra and you want cozy , then you should try THE HOUSE. You can also find their menu on google. Look at the prices well o so you’ll know if you should just boil rice and eat at home jeje.


You’re welcome. I’ll be waiting for my ‘Thank You’







11 thoughts on “ THE HOUSE BUDDY – CHISOM

  1. Lol I was also confused when I saw
    1. My House and
    2. The House😂😂😂
    I was like is this how much you like your house, until I read to the end🙌
    Hmm The House really looks cool and interesting, I would love to check it out when next I’m in Lagos that will be soon by God’s grace🙏


  2. You got me confused for a minute too at the beginning, it’s nice to read the house is a actual location and actually gives ‘house’ vibes


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