“If you would just  believe” sounds really good and charging until you have been believing for years  and it’s just not working.

Just. Not. Working!

Does this in anyway mean that the word of God you are standing on is impotent?

Not at all.

Why then is it taking so long? Truth is, I cannot categorically say why but what I know for sure is that, neither God nor His word is the problem.

Now, God knowing the limitations of man, and how inaccessible some mysteries (in this case, why it is taking so long for you to  conceive even when everything seems right), He prepares for us a relatable and believable reference and causes our paths to allign.

Look at Mary the mother of Jesus for instance. Never been pregnant, more so, mysteriously. The fear of being alone in that situation might have been enough to strangle the vision – Jesus.

So what did God do? He prepared Elizabeth her aunty. She also had never taken in, she was also carrying a miracle baby and she was doing it.

I like to imagine that she was an encouragement to Mary.

“If it happened for her, then it can happen for me” “If she’s surviving this, then I can survive it”

Mary must have thought.

Many times, all we need is to see someone in real time who has experienced or is experiencing what we experience and are thriving. It’s usually the push we need to go on or the spine we need to keep  standing.

So dear yummy mummy, find a believable reference. Yes, Sarah, Hannah and Elizabeth in the bible, but we also bave some Sarahs, Hannahs and Elizabeths in real time who have stood in the face of infertility and have come out victorious.

To this post is attached a compilation of detailed testimonies from the Sarahs, Hannahs and Elizabeths of our time with the hope that you are encouraged in this waiting season. Title – GOD CAN BE TRUSTED.

Click here to get one for yourself or for someone you want to bless.

Remember, don’t stop believing until you carry your testimony in your hands.


Love always,



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