Inspired by true events

She walked into my room looking pale and distraught. I could see questions in her eyes, or was it hurt? Now I cannot tell for sure what, but what I know is, the energy she came in with was green and heavy.

Lola was the one we (my girlfriends and I) thought of to be the luckiest of us four. She got posted to Abuja for her NYSC, the same Abuja we all wanted but we got…..well…nothing remotely close to Abuja.

She was retained after her service year, which meant that she got a job before the rest of us.

Lola was good at almost everything and got a ‘Yes’ almost all the time. Maybe because of how pretty she was or how smart. Or because her mother was just generally more prayerful …point is, girl was always the lucky one.  Of course, it goes without saying that guys were steady on a queue to date Lola. Correct guys o, not Bomboy and Johnbosco.  They would lavish gifts on the girl. She was embarrassed many times by the excessive show of attention. Sometimes she’d turn down the gifts, other times, when she absolutely couldn’t, she’d bring home for all her girls to enjoy. Toh! Which one is our own? We were just enjoying the benefits of being friends with Lola.

One politician’s son that was on her case since NYSC even came with car gift to Lola’s office to mark her two years anniversary at work. This Abuja sef. ROTFL. Lola didn’t accept the car o. She left it in the office there as Oga politician’s son refused to carry his thing back.

It was easy to slide into a pool of jealousy and envy for her, but somehow our bond was held by the love of God. We loved our girl to the bone, and we always had her back.

Lola was content with whatever she had. Her mother did a thorough job raising her. Little wonder she held her in such high regard. It had been just both of them since her father passed. 18 years long and her mother never remarried. She just focused on bringing up the well-rounded woman we all know as Lola today. From creche to university and the next step would be a Master’s program.  Her mother wanted that and Lola would do anything her mother said because she trusted that ‘Mama knows best’, until BIdemi.

So, Lola met Bidemi about 14 months ago. He had just moved from Lagos to Abuja and started attending Lola’s (our) church. Bidemi was a correct guy, working with the Ministry of Works, serving the Lord devotedly and loved Lola silly. Again, the lucky one. Their meeting was magical and it was even Eso he spoke to first.

“Hello , please when is the media department scheduled to go for outreach” .

Eso looked up to see who was asking this question, with Lola and I standing behind her.

Eso, the rude one. Her defenses were already up. She answers every question with ” No, I have a boyfriend”

“The schedule is on the whatsapp group, aren’t you on the group?” She gave him the ‘ who are you and where are you from’ look.

“Ofcourse I am. My phone crashed last night and it was announced that the schedule would be put up at 7am today, unfortunately I’m unable to see it. So I thought to ask the assistant HOD, or isn’t that you anymore?” 

I looked at him, slightly amused.

Eso looked at him, slightly offended. 

Lola looked at him, greatly impressed.  

Eso was going to say another rubbish, we were so sure of this. So Lola jumped in. 

” I have the general schedule. Media department is Thursday 5pm. Lokogoma axis” 

Bidemi smiled at Lola in appreciation. Well, the smile was a bit too wide for just appreciation, but ok. 

“Thank you so much “ 

He then stretched out his hand to Lola 

“Bidemi. Bidemi Adebolu” 

Lola shook him. 

“Lola Layola” 

He did same with me. And then turned to Eso. 

“I’m Bidemi ma’am. New member in your department” 

Eso almost burst. Fury plus embarrassment. Assistant HOD that does not know her members. 

The drive back home was hilarious.

Eso snapped at everyone that drove rubbish on the road. 

Lola had a smile plastered on her face.

Kenny sat there clueless as she was absent for the mini drama.

And me, I was just enjoying the show. 

We were to find out later that Bidemi only spoke to Eso because he was afraid of speaking to Lola just yet. Lola was the reason he approached. His phone was perfect. He knew exactly when and where media would be having outreach. All he really wanted was Lola’s attention, and he got it. A little more than attention even. 

The phone calls started. The dates that Lola insisted were just hangouts, then the waiting.

Lola stalled on saying yes to Bidemi, even when we could all see that babe was burning inside for the oga.  She was waiting for mummy to give her approval.

Which she did. Yaaaaay!

In no time, Lola and Bidemi began blinding the rest of us with love all over the place.

Me I was going to sha be Maid of Honor. Eso and Kenny should sort themselves out.

Everything was yellow and bright, pink and bubbles. Until the Friday Lola got a call from mummy asking her to come visit as a matter of urgency

Lola took the weekend, traveled to Lagos to see mumsy and came back with one of the scariest stories in the history is scary stories.


……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….to be continued next week.




  1. Noooooooo

    You cant do this Chisom…

    Kai am so waiting for this Gist …..

    Thanks so so much…. the story is so well crafted that i saw myself in the scene and all


  2. Hmmmm Chisom abeg auntie you better come and finish this gist ooo. Make we no dey carry rough play go corner eye abeg 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  3. Som som . … if I report you to papa now . You will say I have come… why now. You didn’t say you will be teaching fruit of the spirit (patience) by force na.


  4. U don start again abi Chisom(today na pigin English day Ohhhhhh). Na so u nor gree pick me for mumcy’s give away book yesterday and today u nor want complete this story wey be like say, I dey chop my favourite food (couldn’t even answer my girls when they came back from school. Chaiiiii🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣). Am so beefing you right now but I go manage wait sha.

    But you know I love you always Our Chisom of Most High. MY MA”MA 1ST BORN


  5. Haaaaa… Auntie Chisom! Which way kwanu? Please it is next week already. come and continue this gist abeg. I was about to get my glass of juice.


      1. Noooooo….it took God 6 days to create the earth and fill it, why you need 6 days to release Prt 2 Chisommmmmm I mean why??????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  6. Chisommmmmm seriously now, next week only now😭😭😭😭😭don’t play with your ratings by doing us like this nah….thanks for today’s quote: “you people don’t rate Jesus”


  7. KAAAAIIIIIIIII CHISOM, CHISOM, CHISOM…. small gist like this and we still have to wait for next week???? Anyways how is LOLA now?


  8. i do not trust this Bidemi he looks like a heart crusher…I have the feeling that he has come to kill steal and destroy my dear lola….


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