Confessions of a saved woman- Iyioluwa

He walked into the restaurant, head held high , his presence filled the room. I could smell his perfume from where I sat , (it was definitely ombré leather by Tom ford and I loved that scent ). I was about to order, but this being who had just walked in distracted me and I could not stop staring.

The guy at entrance called him by name , he must be a usual. I could tell he came from money , had class and on his fourth finger sat a beautiful wedding band, my heart did a little jiggle.

He settled down at a table not too far from me, I sat up straighter, adjusted my hair, pretended to call the waiter and then he turned, our eyes locked for what seemed like forever and we both smiled….

This is my confession.

I have a syndrome that makes me fall for the untouchables.

I call it a syndrome ’cause I am yet to pair it with a clear cause.

Dating married men and having misplaced affections for them is a symptom of this affliction.

The genes that make me fall in love with the undateables are located in my chromosomes and they serve to direct certain hormones in my body when I come in contact with a taken man.

It’s a complex disorder and this chromosome can not be seen by obtaining blood samples so it’s impossible to be tested.

I am a woman of dignity but this infirmity makes me incompatible with available men.

I hate scandals but this incurable defect doesn’t fail to get me entangled in them.

My deepest fear is passing it on to my children since this ailment murdered my reputation in cold blood.

This was my confession till I met him.

When I met him 

My story changed ’cause he cured me

He performed an open heart surgery. He must have touched something or taken out somethings, can’t categorically say, but I know after he went in that heart, my desires have been altered and my appetite for the ones I should have no business wanting, lost. 

He said by his stripes I am healed.

He said his blood speaks better things than the blood of Abel.

He said he suffered outside the gate in order to sanctify me through his own blood.

He said he has not given me the spirit of fear and cured the incurable.

He gave me to drink of his blood.

He put me back on the right path, loved me back to health, helped me to see my wrong, showed me a better way without judging me.

He changed my thoughts , my life and world was filled with Him, He showed me love , taught me to love correct and I fell in love with me.

Now old things have passed away, all things have become new, I am a new woman , complete, whole , healed ,loved.

When I asked him who he was?

He introduced himself as the Great Physician,






This was such a great read , and in a way , we can all relate , for you it might be some other syndrome, anger , malice , but the truth is there is help out there , you only have to ask. Sin thrives in secrecy, so go find a great person , be accountable, read the word and read it and meditate on it and let God help and heal you.


18 thoughts on “Confessions of a saved woman- Iyioluwa

  1. Wow.
    What a read.
    It definitely is something we can all relate to tbh. Looking back at who I used to be, all I can say is thank God because if not for him, omoooo!!


  2. Ohhhhh that’s a gooood one! Write a book Already !! I could even picture the story In my head . Was worried for the writer at first and when it got to Jesus I just began to smile , I knew that salvation is come! I love this ❤️ light at the end of the tunnel huh?!


  3. Hmmmmmm!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for this blog,I must confess this was me then but HE has wiped it off totally and cleanse,now am a better person. HE has not changed,he is the same God forever and I know there are many of us still out there that needs this TOUCH. THANK YOU 1CE MORE,AM BLESSED


  4. Oh wow! Wow ❤️ What a beautiful read. Every word so wonderfully said. Traveling through your mind was so fantastic.

    What a grand moment when Jesus showed up – the main pinnacle of contentment! 😍 Beautiful, so beautiful. Thank God for Jesus.


  5. Woo woo woo i love this write up, it was the into for me and the linking it to the salvation story. Thank you for given us a real life story that we can relate to.
    God bless the team .


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