God’s Waiting Room- Ify Okoronkwo

Have you ever been in a waiting room before? Banking hall? Government parastatal? Job interview? Waiting for some important personality? I’m sure you have at some point in your life.



The process is usually straightforward in most organisations. You check in with reception or customer service to confirm your appointment. Afterwards, you are usually asked to take a seat (amongst others waiting) and you would then be called on when it is your turn – ‘first come, first serve’ as they say.  While waiting, you sit pretty, maybe fiddle with your phone or make small talk with your neighbour. And when it is your turn, you walk right in to be attended to.




Now let’s flip that. Have you ever been in an Emergency waiting room in a hospital? There is no ‘first, come, first serve’ there. It is a case of who needs help first.  I have worked in an emergency department before (not the most fun times in my life) and on many occasions I have had to interrupt my assessment of one person to go attend to someone else in need of more urgent help. No intentions of being unfair there, just following (logical) rules.  Then there is something called an emergency buzzer (I still hear that sound in my subconscious). Once that (very loud) buzzer goes off in the department, it means there is a very sick person that needs attention RIGHT NOW!! It did not matter where you were (toilet included- I kid you not), who you are (from the MD to the student nurse) or what you were doing; once you heard that buzzer as a healthcare staff you get running towards it to offer quick assistance.



God’s waiting room just like the Emergency room is very interesting with a totally different set of rules when compared with other waiting rooms.

First, it’s a free for all waiting room. No appointment is needed. Interestingly at the entrance of the waiting room free tickets are offered to whoever might be interested (Salvation). All are welcome to come and ask for whatever they desire. The supply is endless and beyond imagination. Some people are too sceptical to take that entry ticket, so they stand outside wondering what all the fuss is about. Those that do find their way into GOD’s waiting room are met with a crowd of thousands and millions of people all requesting, waiting and believing for one thing or the other.



Another thing about God’s waiting room is that this is one room where unfortunately, sitting and looking pretty does not help anybody. Also there’s no ‘first come, first serve’ here- you just have to play by the rules and receive.



If you are given to murmuring, complaining and bitterness about your problem, guess what? You are going to be sitting in that waiting room for a very long time. Your name might never be called and your likelihood of receiving anything is very slim.



Depressed? Always comparing yourself to others? ‘God when’ gang? You will be on your seat and just realise you are getting farther and farther away from the receiving desk.



Doubt, unforgiveness, fear, envy, wrong motives, pride. Those are some other things that will keep you donkey years in God’s waiting room. And God has time in abundance so unfortunately, you cannot ‘out-wait’ Him. You may as well be invincible because no one is listening to your prayers if you have these attitudes. No one acknowledges your petition, and no one is interested in what you have to say.



Then there is also being idle and waiting passively while in this room. That will get you nothing and nowhere in this room. So what should you be doing instead? God’s work of course. Be about your Father’s business, serve Him wholeheartedly, diligently and with all your might.



Remember that Emergency buzzer I mentioned earlier? Well, it would interest you to know that there is an emergency buzzer in God’s waiting room that gets not just the attention of the workers (angels and hosts of Heaven) but also gets the attention of the MD (God).

Things which activate these are: thanksgiving, praise & worship, laughter, joy, forgiveness, passion for the kingdom,  constantly declaring the word of God in all situations and of course getting busy with God’s work.



These things are not a walk in the park initially (especially if you have had so many dashed expectations) but you are going to have to do them whether you feel like or not to show Heaven you are serious.



When you engage in these, you set off the buzzer in God’s waiting room. It’s almost like your name is flashing in neon signs and everyone is scrambling to sort you out.

Even if you just came into the waiting room, you are moved right to the front of the line to receive your petitions.  Right past Madam depressed, Miss ‘God when?’ and Mr grumbler. Funny thing is you usually would not even see it coming and boom!! You are settled.



I challenge you today to hasten your time in God’s waiting room. Get your praise on, forget about Peninnah, confess your word, embrace it, change strategy and activate Heaven’s emergency buzzer.

Thank you very much Ify, I learned so much from this ; waiting is always about your attitude. So yummy mummies, there is a lot you cannot control about this journey but you can control how you wait, may God give us grace.

Love and light .

7 thoughts on “God’s Waiting Room- Ify Okoronkwo

  1. Thank you, Ify. Such a timely reminder. It reminds me of one of the talks at Gaining Momentum 2022, where Mama FFAdejumo dramatised how thanksgiving and worship bring down the hosts of heaven to our rescue. God bless you ❤️


  2. God’s waiting room… can’t be avoided but the right attitude while in the room will always work wonders.

    thanks for this piece


  3. The simile though…very creative
    No first come first serve, no sitting and looking pretty at all. It is as e dey level
    I activate the emergency buzzer and hasten my time in God’s waiting room


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