Dear Wives – Ope Davies

Hello wives ,

We have a guest writer today, and I am so excited to be introducing her because I have followed her for a while as I am such a sucker for love, relationships and marriage, so when I came across her page, I knew I had to stalk her because there are people getting this marriage thing right, so without further ado..


Meet Ope Davies , wife , relationship coach and mum to 3 beautiful children. A risk analyst by day, Ope and her husband are also YouTubers with content focused on faith, relationships and marriage, she has been married for 8 years and her goal is to inspire others to enjoy godly and happy marriages.

Go on Ope , do your thing ….

Chocolates, flowers, dinner at an expensive restaurant, sweet smelling perfumes and that is just scratching the surface of what I expect from him…..



I mean I deserve it right?! I deserve to be appreciated and taken care of, I deserve to be spoiled and treated like the Queen that I am. Right?!



Because apparently the unspoken golden rule for Valentine’s is that “wives must be showered with romance and affection all day”.



What most of us wives forget is that a Queen also has a King. I have seen consistently how Valentine’s day is geared towards females. The gifts, the cards, the flowers are all sentiments that resonate with women however, a key secret I unlocked very early on is the fact that men also deserve to be spoiled too.

Not the usual delicacy or compliance when he asks for some extra loving (because even that one we act like it’s just for special occasions) but surprising him by doing the very same things YOU expect him to do.



So Queen I am challenging you to surprise your King. Whether it be a Dinner Date (from your pocket!), Perfume (because I am yet to see a man reject perfume), A new shirt, New shoes, the list is endless.


Thank you very much Ope, I am sure we will get you to write more for us this year (like a public proposal you can’t say no😜).

dear wives let’s not go the boxers route this Val’s day , be creative , be thoughtful, you don’t have to break the bank but love your kings with the same energy that you expect from him.

Let us know what you have planned in the comment section, maybe we will come up with a list and a few gift ideas for you all.

Love and light.

22 thoughts on “Dear Wives – Ope Davies

  1. Ope thanks for this. Basically every celebration on the planet is geared towards the female 😂. But we can’t be sel-meat😉(aka sel-fish😂). But quick question, how does someone with zero income and savings make her man feel special at valentine’s


    1. There was a time in my life I believe that Valentine’s Day was mainly for women to be showered with gifts ( like a special gifting day for the women in the world)😂😂 seriously I did.
      Thank you Ope for this amazing awareness that you have shared with us.♥️


  2. Great write-up, Ope. Thank you. In my case, I was the one buying cards or gifts for my hubby on Valentines Day because he always forgot the day…lol 🤣 Nowadays, we just wish each other Happy Vals Day, it works for us 😀❤


  3. Some men reject Valentine’s Day just for that reason -spending money on women; they see it as a “commercial bully” however choose a time when you can express kindly how much you love the day/concept and I agree, you too, treat him like a King. Also don’t forget to pour a lil extra love on your children, nieces and nephews, goddaughters etc (it’s not just for lovers)! Smiles and Happy Valentine’s Day sisis.


    1. I agree its not just for lovers but Wednesdays are for wives and we are focused on giving them tips to love their spouses this season. I promise you we love our children, siblings and family too.


  4. Nice one Ope! I have always been intentional about buying gifts for my husband, even when there’s nothing to celebrate. He does the same for me, random gifts show up now and again. Truth is you can’t love without giving!!!


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