14 Ideas for Valentine

Hello wives ,

We are back again! We are so invested in your Gifting this year that we are giving you not one but two posts today, I know, we love you that much, you can send a Cheque as a thank you 😘.


So remember how Ope talked about an endless list of gift ideas this morning ( so you didn’t read it , Oya click here , read that and come back)


As I was saying , we talked about outdoing our men this year , not just expecting the grand gifts but also giving them too and treating our kings like Kings . I know, he forgot your birthday and anniversary and he hasn’t even asked you what you want for Val’s and he has said it a few times that he loves you all year round and valentines is no different and I agree, but this year we are giving without expectations, we are going to do thoughtful things , you are going to flip the script and do to him what you would like him to do to you and that’s the whole idea of love as per 1 Corinthians 13.

To help you all, whether In paid employment or unpaid full time employment (Aka home manager ) we came up with a list of 14 things (we promise you don’t have to sell your birth-right to do any of these) that you could do for your kings and we got a number of them from our very own Pastor Laurie’s feed. She is godmother to our Vida, Wife to Bishop Feb Idahosa and mum of 3 miracle babies (she has an amazing story). She is an entrepreneur, hawt mama and Pastor ; you should definitely follow her on Instagram @idahosalaurie .



So get your pen and paper we will do this quickly..

  • Write your partner a love letter – I know you think it sounds bleh, but he would like this. Tell him why you love him, include the memories you made together , tell him what you admire the most, praise him for all the things he has done, tell him all the things you hope to do together and then pledge your allegiance again. Women are not the only ones who want to hear “bone of my bones”, men love it too, so go on write him a love letter (you can see me in my office to help you but you will sow seed sha, it is the gift that makes room 😂)


  • Have a staycation- yes that is a word.  Send the kids to their grandparents or to your sister’s for the night. Turn your dinning area into a nice spot , order take out or if you throw it down in the kitchen then by all means do, bring out that Christmas China, yes hubby deserves it. You don’t have a dinning , use the living room , Egyptian style – candles , throw pillows , warm lights , balloons, move away some furniture (sis you can do this). This is the important part , take a shower, please shave , dress up , spray something nice ,make up and love up on your king (there will be traffic anyway so staying in doors will not be bad at all)


  • Dance party- I know you people have 3 kids and you are tired , and Lagos or New York is stressful , I know you had to go to work in -35′ weather but you have gotta dance . So create a playlist of all your favourite songs , the ones you used to groove to before the babies , add some wine , some finger food and dance the night away.


  • Game night – it might not sound like much but mans been working and I am sure he will love to relax – so pull out those playing cards or board games have a healthy competition, bring your friends over for a double date “games night” but if you would rather be alone get creative with the card games ( strip poker ♦️maybe) if you are unmarried , keep scrolling.


  • Take it outdoors – the idea is to do something together . So pack a light lunch , sit in a park somewhere, listen to some music and talk , I didn’t say bring up what he did or didn’t do, just talk about nothing, what I call beautiful nonsense (please don’t stress the man ), hold hands in public , get in a little PDA (we love to see it) stop by that ice-cream spot and share a cone or a cup.


  • Make a vow – you know the ones you said that time when your body was doing you gish gish, that you said because butterflies were dancing in your tummy, Now write another one (with clear eye), you can read it to him after dinner but make it different, think of all the things you struggle to do for him in your marriage , think of all the things that you have experienced and then make a new vow to him, promise again (especially now that you have experience and a better understanding of marriage) and mean every thing you say.


  • Go back in time – I totally love this one, maybe because I have a good memory and “firsts” mean a lot to me but the thought of reliving a good moment is exciting. So go back to where you first had dinner, maybe share the meal you both ate from your first date , for those of you who can , take him back to your honeymoon destination, relive the moments while making fresh memories.


  • Get help from your friends / family – I love this idea too , imagine hubby getting text messages from all your loved ones telling him how much you love him and how glad they are, that He is in your life . You can even get them to make deliveries for him at work. It’s all in the little details and there is nothing a man likes more than honour ( okay maybe money but you sha get) .


  • Love coupons – get artistic and creative and make him coupons that he can cash that day or even for the rest of the week – think of the things you know he really likes ( your fried rice , game time with no distractions, movie tickets , a massage , chocolates ) whatever it is, think of the things he likes , it could even be a vacation, take his car to get an oil change and then a total wash or do the things you know he hates doing but make it fun , make it cool, make it naughty 😜.


  • Gifts – Get him something you know he has talked about a lot – something you can afford , whether that’s the new PlayStation, a new phone , a suit , cuff links , perfume , if it’s been in his Amazon basket or he keeps going into Target to look at it , or he won’t stop talking about something – that’s your cue to get it for him.


  • Cater to him – I know you do a lot at home mama , school runs , laundry , work , business the list is endless , but allow the king, king for a day – serve him breakfast in bed or pack it up for work (leave a nice note or a prayer in the box) , give him a kiss at the door, order him lunch and have it delivered if you can’t do it yourself, send him nice text messages during the day (1 every hour) make his favourite meal for dinner , just do the things that make your man happy and do it with a smile.


  • Send him Alert 🚨- he has been sending you money since the day he married you: before you ask , he has done it , he even has your name saved on payee list but you don’t have his because, he is your husband and the man of the home and hence giver extraordinaire. Today shame him, let him wake up on Val’s day to an alert , shock his bank account , slip a Cheque into his briefcase, chances are that money will come back to you somehow but just make him happy , men like money too . Not every time give me , you too , surprise him.


  • Hotel reservations- I will keep this short . We all know you have had a headache for the past one month or year , we know you are tired every time your boo touches you , so for one night, only valentines day, book a nice hotel somewhere (wear something nice and ask hubby to meet you there )leave your bou bou , hairnet and headache at home and go do what married adults do.


Okay people that’s 14 ideas for you to play with , you can always tweak them to suit you but the point is you can do a little/a lot and it will mean so much because you put some thought into it. So stop making excuses and go love up on your king 👑 .

See you all later .

Love and light

20 thoughts on “14 Ideas for Valentine

  1. Wonderful list of ideas. And majority cost nothing but thought and time. Thank you 👏🏽🥰
    I will try one and report back depending on the one I choose…😎🙈


  2. Some really lovely ideas here! I think I will add the first one to my list because my husband recently showed me a letter I wrote to him in 2008. I was shocked that he kept it. Thanks for this


  3. As in ehhhhh, my favourite part was “leave your bou bou, hairnet and headache at home”, I’m on the floor 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  4. Hehehe I’m picking Luke 5 off this list, that ought to do it. Many thanks pastor Laurie. I wouldn’t have thought there up


  5. Wow with this list we are sorted for life! Ladies no excuses. Whether low budget or plenty money, the men are definitely in for a treat😍😍😍


  6. Oh mine!!! Marriage is sweet jawe I refused to let social media shenanigans get into me.. my king! Here comes your queen!!! ,,😄😄😄😄😄😄. Thanks for the write-up.. beautiful!!!


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