Hey People,

so this is a very quick post, I will be out of here in a minute but I couldn’t let the day go by without reminding you about MANUAL conference happening in DCC (our church by birth, by tribe, by association, you sha get) and its here guys, whoop whoop!!!




I know you are about to come up with a dozen excuses but sister, this one is for your good. Pastor K was thinking of you, yes you, when he said lets teach the women to be better, let’s show them great examples of who they can become, let’s share real life stories of everyday Ladies who stepped out of the norm and did great things, let us show women how to “ACT LIKE A LADY AND THINK LIKE A BOSS” .




attendance is free but the line up of guests is EXPENSIVE!!!




Our very own Pastor k, host with the most will be there, dishing out the knowledge with a side of humour.




Pastor M, is definitely going to be there, she will tell you how to marry fine man like our PK, keep a home and still be a boss, because she is killing it and she does it beautifully and in heels too.




even the Eagle will be landing (if you don’t get it, I cannot help you)



This special guest, is going to clear her calendar, just to come serve you the secrets of her success, you really cannot be asking me who Folorunso Alakija is, please use the google function of your phone.





And there is also the lady behind FCMB, brains, beauty and boss, Yemisi Edun.




there will be breakout sessions with other amazing speakers like Lolo (multi award winning Radio and Tv host), KaffyDance (Chairman Kaffy INC ), Tseju hair (Entrepreneur),  CoachCathy (UK certified coach).

You really don’t want to miss this and it is for women only , so tell all the ladies in your tribe , tell your mum and her friends, tell your slay queens and yes tell your boo’s boo because you can have beauty, brains, and everything in between, you can think like a Lady and kill it as a Boss.


all the details are on the fliers, so whether mainland , island or online , we gat you!!!


see you tomorrow.

love and light 🙂






6 thoughts on “PSA – DISEMI

  1. OMG!!! Manual Conference 2022 was FAYA!!!!!! Haaayyy!!!!!! Jesus…No No No ..some people were sent and Pastor Kingsley is one of them . whaattt??!!!! Ah ..noooo


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