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We are still cleaning up the blog , I promise it won’t smell musty for much longer..

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Hello people it’s Disemi,

after the last two posts , I am sincerely hoping I do not fall hand, so whatever it sounds like or reads like , just read to the end, like it and leave a comment to encourage us 😜😜.

Mama!!! the only mama in my world 😂😂😂 I would go on but I may feel your eyes rolling from all the way, thank you for trusting me with this.  I don’t have cute Usies to share but we will fix that soon.


Happy new year, yummy mummies!!!

it feels so good to be here again after such a long time trying to encourage our mums in waiting and I know it’s another year and sometimes that feels hard. Hard to begin again , hard to keep waiting , hard to hold onto yet another word , hard to shout amen to all the prayers that will go forth, hard all round but I hope that this year is different, I hope that our attitudes are different, our beliefs are different, our actions are different, I hope that we are waiting differently this year .

And so on that note, I thought I would remind us to take care of our first babies , you know the one that annoys you every time , the one who you have to clean up after , cater to , cook for , the one who you lean on after that negative test , the one who’s broad chest acts as a pillow , yes the 6ft 1inch baby in your house , that’s the one .

As this is the month of love , I know the whole waiting process can take a toll on you and hubby so I thought I would remind you to take care of your first baby –

So first things first

1. Ditch the calendars –

I know you are ovulating today , and I know you have taken your injections, pills , set your timers ready for dutiful sex and to lie on your backs for one hour (STOP)!!! Let’s rewind , make it fun this month , buy some nice lingerie, send hubby a naughty text

so he looks forward to it , change the sheets (yes buy some silk, except you are in Nigeria and Nepa don take light then just do cotton, it works just as well😜)

I know you want the babies but you can have fun making them right?  It’s already a hard season , so don’t just do it , season it , make it fun.

That way it doesn’t seem like a chore, your husband doesn’t just feel like a sex machine, it feels less like work and you both can smile about the experience.


2. Indulge in some self care –

It is easy to focus on something so much that you begin to forget to take care of yourself and your significant other. So let’s prioritize ourselves.

Pamper yourself and your husband , get a pedi and mani , get your hair done , you have a ton of sleepless nights ahead of you (because we believe for it ) so while you still can , prioritize yourself , love up on your partner, he is in it too (is he not worth more than five sons? ) Taking time to do these things will help reduce stress and anxiety and make the atmosphere welcoming for our bouncing babies.

3.Have a babymoon –

Sometimes we women forget that daddies are going through this season of waiting too . No they are not carrying the baby , yes it’s not their womb people are watching , they are probably not the ones taking all the medication and all that but they share in  all the pain too in one way or the other.

So how about a weekend getaway , just you two, make the Babies but don’t make it about the babies, book a dinner for two or order take away and just coil up on the couch and love up on each other, you are in it together. The quality time will help revive that love hormone .



4. Rest –

I know very cliché , but is it really? Because if it really was then maybe we really would be doing it. I know it’s not easy, I do not know what it’s like to wait for a child, but I know what it’s like to wait for a miracle, when you circle round a mountain for years, when you watch others catch the word but somehow it escapes you. Yes I know what it’s like to wait. So this month, I urge you to rest, the honest truth is that children come from God, so do all you should, but after doing all you can, Rest!! in God, on the word, rest on that broad chest beside you (because Lord knows Una don buy all the Tall broadchested men for market finish 😭😭) because whether the devil likes it or not you are already a yummy mummy.

So have fun this season, love up on the one God first gave you, because many moons from now when the babies are out of the nest, all you will have is your first love, your baby, your honey, so even while it’s hard, love him first and love him well.


Love you yummy mummies,



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks Disemi. To every yummy mummy-in-waiting, God’s got you. You will testify this year. Amen


  2. This is so creative and beautiful.. and ffuuuuuuunnnnyyyy! I love the way it’s easy going ! I know that waiting mothers will be so motivated by this! 👏🏾


  3. You just spoke to me alot…I do love this I do alot of all you are saying. But I will continue to do more thanks I love every line .more grace.


  4. I love this read. Welldone Disemi and to all the yummy mummies ttc, I pray u find grace to do and enjoy your the suggestions in the write up


  5. Enjoyed reading this and oh I switched from smile to laugh at the part you mentioned all tall broad chested men have been bought off the market.

    Adding some selfcare to the calendar. Thanks for the reminder


  6. Lovely relaxing read. Hugs and kisses to all yummy mummies, God’s chest is broad enough, you can rest on Him! 😀🤗❤️


  7. 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰

    What can I say 🤷 wow I laughed.

    I soul searched

    I blushed 😊 (event eventhough we know black people don’t blush 😅)

    I took down points

    I lol at Cotton knickers when Nepa takes light . (As a Cameroonian I know that all too well)

    In all what an amazing read and write up.
    TTC Thursday never disappoints .
    Looking forward to more read!!

    Thank you 😊 💓


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