It’s A New season – PASTOR M

Hey people

Yes. It’s me again.


I’m sure some of you had totally given up on me ever coming back here. Well, I’m back.

And after cleaning through the many cobwebs


and all other obstacles I had to get through to be here,

Wow! So much dust!!!

I can gladly say, we are back!!! Yes…


Hmmm… where do I even start? Ok maybe I should start from wishing you a happy new year. Please forgive me. I mean where are my manners? Considering I haven’t been here in 1 year 6 weeks and 3 days …

But hey! Who’s counting??

It’s 2022. The year of the Lord!

Such a profound word for us at my home church Davids Christian Centre. I would love to give you a quick explanation on what this means but I’m not sure I will do it that much justice. So maybe let’s do this. Why not click Here to get a clearer picture of what the Word for the year is and maybe while you are there you can also find a few more messages to help you prepare better for the year.

I personally recommend these 4 messages

1. Reverence by pastor Kingsley

2. Review by pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

3. Rest by pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

4. Receive +Reward by Pastor Kingskey Okonkwo

Yeah! Thank me later.

Okay so now that’s out of the way, let’s get into all the amazing things that we have lined up for you and I say WE because ….

The big news is ….

Drum roll please…

Just Us Girls Blog is no longer just me it’s now a WE situation. Yay!!!

It’s a new season here and finally we have an entirely new team with a new mandate.


So from now on, just us girls actually becomes that – a blog by us for us.

It will now be a community of writers. We have a few new contributors and new editors on board. So yes things are going to change around here and trust me, I’m here for this.

New Team leads on the blog are


Trust me you are really going to enjoy being back on blogville.

There’s something for everyone and everyday you will find something new to bless you. Starting with Monday Motivations to start your week, to Dilemma Tuesday where you get to share your view and give counsel or share the amazing things happening in your life if it’s Testimony Tuesday. As always, Wednesday is for wives so you can be sure to find some thing special for you on that day. If you are Trying To Conceive then you can’t miss TTC Thursday. Fridays are always fun here on just us girls Naija and this time it won’t be any different. Saturdays are for Singles so don’t be missing. Sundays? Well they remain special because You never Know what may happen. Just show up and you’ll be glad you did.


In this new season so many firsts for us at just us girls global too.

First on the list is BIBLE BEFORE BREAKFAST a new podcast that you can find on all streaming platforms

Like apple podcast, Spotify, Audiomack and SoundCloud.

Trailer for Bible Before Breakfast

I had no idea this was being recorded 🤣🤣

Also coming up are a lot of many other exciting things so keep your ears peeled. I promise not a dull moment trust me.

I gat you

I gotta run. I’m glad we are back on this blogging journey. Please spread the word.

Oh by the way, Welcome to February, the month of love. Speaking of love, it was the Love of my life’s birthday over the weekend and we had a little celebration in church. Here are a few pictures

Please join me to say a little prayer for Him.

A little something from the service.

Here’s a prayer for you too. May you experience the love of God in all its varied expressions.


Pastor M

29 thoughts on “It’s A New season – PASTOR M

  1. Welcome back! Welcome back! 💃💃💃

    It truly is a new season and I’m here for all this season brings.

    Just Us Girls! Let’s do this💪


  2. “Coughs from all the dust “ Guess who’s back , back again 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻. Just like you said on your post doing it afraid, because God has got our back. So excited for this new season !!!!! “Sneezes” coming back with some cleaning supplies. 😜😜😜


  3. Thank you so much Ma
    We hope to have a fun filled year with the holy Spirit.
    Happy birthday to Pastor K
    Wishing him many beautiful and glorious years ahead.
    I love you Ma


  4. Yay, so glad we are back. Looking forward to a great year ahead and the interesting, inspirational blogs to come. Shalom ❤️


  5. Welcome back Pastor Mildred ❤️ It’s been a while. Heeeeey Disemi. Hellooooo Chisom 😍😍😍 Oh my Gosh! Will you look at the daily line up for the blog?!🤸‍♀️

    And really, how gorgeous is Pastor M in that dress?! 😭😍👗 Congratulations on your Podcast Mother. I’m so happy about it 🥳😩🎶🎧, it’s definitely the move we’ve been waiting for – My goodness, we are in for a treat 📖🍜🥰💃and I’m here for it, all of it! Happy New Year someborrrry! 🙌😘💐.

    2022 the year of the Lord. Let’s go! ⏩🙏


  6. Wow wow wow !!!

    What an amazing read . 📚

    So glad you are back ❤️ PM !

    I have enjoyed reading what been on the blog for the past years . And what an absolute joy 😊 you are back .

    I will there for be looking forward to TTC Thursday. Why not ? Am a waiting mother and I definitely know I’ll be blessed and I will sure get an encouraging word from You all .

    Great tram line up !!

    I live writing and reading too.

    So I’ll be holding my breath put for the next read up.

    Peace ✌️


  7. So so happy to have you backkkkkkkkk!!!! Im such an avid reader and already loving the direction the blog is taking. 💃💃💃

    Congratulations 🎉 on the podcast ma, February is off to a great start. ♥️♥️


  8. Welcome back Mama❤️! I’m so excited about the line up💃🏾🎊🎉. Hi Disemi and Chisom💕! I can’t wait to read all the amazing stuff that will be posted here🥳!
    You and Ps. K. look amazing by the way😍😍!


  9. You know how much God loves you by the spiritual mummy He gives you. Thank you Lord for Pastor Mildred. A new season it is indeed! Take a seat, grab a drink & lets be in Mary Mode through this year of the Lord! Congratulations Ma and welcome to the team. Ma Chisom, I see you.

    Kai..the sanguine in me no dey keep calm o!


  10. I remember when i use to start my day with blog… opening it refreshes me. I’m so glad we are back and this time better with all the amazing leaders. Thank you ladies for this huge sacrifice, Love you.


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