Hey people

How are you doing? The year is ending and I hope you are not in panic mode. Or worse still I hope you haven’t given up on the year.

No! Wait. Don’t do that.

I know the year has been stressful and a lot of people have had a very very rough year. I’m not even going to argue about that even though because I have a God, that isn’t my reality.

And I know that you’ve really tried. You wrote your lists, you wrote your scriptures, you’ve attended virtual conferences, you got coaches, you’ve done pretty much all you know and right now you can’t even deal anymore

Wait! Hold on. Before you give up let’s talk. In fact someone has a message for you.

This is 2020 begging you. Have mercy o!

Do not give up on this year yet. It still has so much to offer. I know this sounds so cliche but trust me on this one.

So I don’t think you should change yours either. Whatever God promised you at the beginning of the year is still true even now. God cannot lie.

God knew this year would be this way and He still promised and last I checked He still hasn’t changed his mind.

God went the extra mile just to encourage us.

The fact that God cannot lie should have been enough but He decided to swear by himself. Based on the integrity of His existence.

God has not changed His mind about 2020. I don’t think you should. Interestingly I had a 2 hours conversation on IG about this. If you missed it. Watch it HERE

I pray that after watching, you will be gingered to keep believing because if God hasn’t given up on this year then…

It’s just not going to happen.

Also PRAYING WITH PASTOR M is back. Hope you aren’t missing it. 3pm Nigerian Time on Instagram. Please be careful. I have only one Instagram page @pastormildred and I will never ask you for money in your DM. There are so many scam pages.

Okay guys. I’m out. Christmas is really beginning to smell and I’m about to get into that mode in a bit.

Take care and remember God hasn’t given up on the year so neither should you.


Pastor mildred


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