Hey! People

How are you doing today? My last post was a rant day post and who can blame me after seeing that video? It’s a terrible thing truly but hey! Today we moooove!

2020 is almost over and boy! What a year it’s been. However, it’s not over so we still need to make the best of this year.

Woke up this morning and realized how much load I had acquired over the last couple of months especially in my kids room so it was OPERATION DECLUTTER.

First I had to get the kids out of the way especially because every time they saw an old toy they remembered how much it meant to them and how they couldn’t live without it and how their lives wouldn’t be the same without it


I couldn’t deal. So off to their friends’ house for a quick swim then I locked them up in my room with their dad. I needed peace and clarity of mind.

First to go OLD CLOTHES and by old clothes I mean even things with tags that they have been “planning to wear” and saving for a special occasion. Well… COVID…

And that’s that about that.

So clothes tags or not … OUT! It will find a home and better use in another wardrobe.

Next to go … BOOKS. I made sure old text books, old or duplicate story books, or books I know would probably be loved elsewhere too had to go. I love books so I buy books o! I buy books so many times that I sometimes buy something I’ve already bought for them before. So, even though it was one of the hardest things to give away well, I had to let it go….

all of them had to go … books OUT!

One of the hardest to let go of.

Then up next SHOES. To be honest these ones were a lot easier to let go of because this year really dealt with me mehn! I kept buying shoes, they kept outgrowing them every second and I kept buying more shoes because I kept believing the lock down would soon be Over and everything would be back to normal and I didn’t want my kids to not have shoes. Well, After a few Cinderella like escapades. I got used to shoes not fitting anymore

Exactly my point… before! 😩

I was down forcing shoes that didn’t fit biko. I sent them all brans new of not to a more be-fitting Owner (pun intended)

Such ease… 😍

Did you miss that? Too fast for you? Okay then watch this…

Ok let’s do it in slow mo

All of them … OUT!

Today I let go of so many things even I was scared at how empty their room had become but hey! If it’s got to go then it’s gotta go.

I mean it was actually such a joy to clear out so much and see the room move from so much clutter to spik and span.


5 thoughts on “Let’s DECLUTTER!

  1. While reading page one I was just smiling throughout, and I don’t know why, this was me😁😊
    then the beginning of page two, the smile just started fading to😐😔 number 7 and 8 hit me hard😭 I really need to declutter both physically and not physically🙏
    Then the end part of page two I started smiling again to😊😁😂
    I’m glad I’m part of this tribe💃💃
    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow mama, I’ve Missed you so much ma❤

  2. I can soooooooo relate with the declutter of the home esp kids stuff. I laughed at the shoes affair. Honestly the way these ones outgrow shoes ehn.

    Then how you quickly relate it to the declutter of spirit and soul!!!! This post validates a lot for me

    Just best to travel LIGHT so we can go further faster without tiring out too soon

    Looooove you mama and I’m so thankful you are blogging again regularly.

    Enjoying it while you can do it

  3. haha! i had to laugh when you talked about getting your kids out of the house so you can properly declutter. good for you for doing this!!

    i talk about letting go of the unnecessary a lot on my blog & i’m a minimalist. i don’t have children quite yet but i can imagine you end up accumulating quite a bit!

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