You Won’t Die…

Hmmm… my people

Today’s blog post should really be written fully in pidgin but I’m just feeling for my readers who don’t speak fluent pidgin English and I really want everyone to get this message today.

Before I get into it though. Thank you for all those who sent me messages. Truth is I’m feeling better already. There’s no keeping a child of God down. We always rise because the Spirit of God always wins. So no worries here. Trust me.

So back to the matter at hand. So I saw this video yesterday and I don’t know how many of us saw it so I’m just going to share it here.


E shock you?

To say I’m shocked is the understatement of the year.

I’ve replayed this thing a million times in my head and I cannot come up with a reason creative enough to warrant this kind of or any kind of beating for that matter. What I keep asking myself is how did she end up with this brute? This monster?


And there was an actual wedding. An actual wedding with people gathered knowing fully well that this man is not a human being because I cannot believe this is just a boyfriend girlfriend situation or that no one knew he wasn’t normal.

As in his mental state escaped us all? 🤷🏽‍♀️

Okay maybe she was “in love” and didn’t see it what about the rest of the world? Is she an orphan? Ok maybe she is but what about siblings? Only child perhaps? Then please at least tell me she has one friend. Honestly I’ve run out of who to blame. Pastor nko? Imam nko? Someone has to know about this na.

Or did she fall from outer space?

Abi una no see that head butt and iron slap and I don’t mean iron fist. I mean iron “gan gan” for ironing clothes. What exactly was he trying to do? “Present her to himself without spot or wrinkle?” Or what exactly. This isn’t even funny to be honest. Just look at this horror movie they call a marriage.

This is so sad

What I find even worse is that after seeing all this some single girls will still take their god-ordained liberty and sacrifice it on the altar of marriage. Just because they’ve sworn that 2020 is their year.

Year to die?

If a guy is abusing you in anyway … DELETE HIM

That’s the best thing for you o! Don’t go and marry a demon and be disturbing our timelines and innocent children’s mental health because you couldn’t walk away from rubbish.

If he threatens to hit you .., end it.

If you don’t marry in 2020 YOU WONT DIE!

If you don’t marry in 2021 or 2022 or 2023 YOU WONT DIE

In fact if you don’t marry ever… YOU WILL STILL NOT DIE.

You will not die and if you have made the biggest mistake of your life by marrying a demon who hits you then RUN FOR YOUR LIFE.

At least you will still have a life even if you don’t have a marriage. After all as Rev Funke Felix-Adejumo will say “THE COVENANT OF LIFE IS SUPERIOR TO THE COVENANT OF MARRIAGE .”

So good … oh! So good 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

My sister, just look at that video. Won’t you first be alive? “God hates divorce. God hates divorce” I gree o! but He also hates the shedding of blood too. Get out while you still can.

You know me…. Am a call it like I see it ✌️

You better stop lying to your friends and family. End that relationship. Don’t marry him. Let everyone know what He’s truly like. No matter how many gifts he buys after. No matter how much money he gives you all. No matter how much everyone thinks he’s amazing. This is your life. Life no get duplicate o!

It’s your life!

If you are already married and you’ve been lying for years and staying because of the kids. Get your kids and run. If you are staying because you can’t afford to run then speak up. Let someone know. So they can help you but you sef how full grown human no go get wetin e de do to make money?

This is no time for tears. First survive!

I don’t believe in “stories that touch” Do something about it NOW!

Better! Clean your eyes. we can cry tears of relief after it’s better. than we cry tears over your grave.

Think about your kids. If you die they will suffer.

Me I’m just thinking people have to start going for psychiatric evaluation before marriage o! All this I love him! I love her! It din really used to werk o!”

Ehen! Me I’m just saying o!

Let’s get some tests done. Some people may be free of disease in the body but their minds are disease infested and their hearts are demon possessed. And enough with just because they have come for premarital counseling they must be wed. families have traveled down. They’ve picked wedding dates. All that rubbish.

If you don’t hear all this long story I’m writing Even though all I really want is to sleep then this is me waiting for you in front.

With XL bag of sugar popcorn

Really girls need to wisen up. No relationship or marriage is worth losing your life over. No matter how much money the man has.

Everything na HQ!

Don’t let materialism kill you. Either way sha one will kill you las las – either your love for money, your stupid friends or family telling you to stay or the violence of that demon possessed man.

Okay o! I think I’ve ranted enough. It’s almost midnight here. Please do something.

Good night.


Pastor mildred.

10 thoughts on “You Won’t Die…

  1. I saw the video and I was just saying to myself , I hope that iron isn’t hot. E really shock me!!! May God help us to constantly choose us, help us to love us just half as much as He does , so we can treat us better. It’s not easy they say, but may God give us grace. Choose You!!!

  2. Honestly can’t watch the video and I’m glad I read the disclaimer and after words
    Its 4am where I am and it is a season of GOOD NEWS and GREAT JOY haaaaaa

    You know all those times PK would be sweating and preaching and people esp singles go dey laugh, I now see there is nothing funny anymore

    I just wish singles who read this would really understand every single line, and wifeys with husbands like so have the wisdom and courage to take the next right step

    Some of us are going to need therapy for all the things we have seen and heard that we cannot unsee and hear. Now imagine experiencing it

    I’m so thankful all the hope we have is not in this world. Heaven is our home and goal. Amen

    1. There is truly nothing funny to be honest.

      Yes heaven is our home and goal and while we are here passing through earth let’s do everything not to waste the investment of life God has given us and especially not to get to heaven too quickly.

  3. This days I am amazed at how bad values are degenerating I fear for our children and what they are exposed to daily.How can a man do that with his children crying and screaming in the room.No be every body wey wear cloth and fine normal now I really believe.

  4. OMG, this is such a painful video to watch😭 I had teary while watching it, chai me that don’t like even small pain, I can’t even imagine this happening to someone close to me, hmm honestly the covenant of life higher than the covenant of marriage abeg🙏
    Thank you pastor M for sharing, I’m sure we have all heard you well ma, once you see “body!” Run for ya life🏃🏃

  5. 😔😳 This is so horrible! Absolutely terrible. Barbaric and inhumane. First time seeing the video. What a nonsensical demon in action, wickedness to the core. It will take the blood of Jesus to blot out this heartless memory from everyone present in that room. 

    🙆‍♀️🥺😪 I feel like Mama literally pulled my ear, called my name 3 times and flogged me while I’m screaming “It’s not me, I didn’t do it, sorry Mama” 🤕🤧😭 and isssokay I take it. I hear you loud and clear Ma’. I will not die. I will marry well.

    … But that video though aai.

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