Check up

Hey people,

How are you? No how are you really? I’m asking because it’s weird how social media can help us create a false reality. Honestly it’s crazy how you can create whatever narrative you like on social media even when it’s so far from the truth.

Last week I knew I needed to take a break to rest. So I went under the radar for a bit. I don’t know why everyone who sent me a message sounded like they felt this was me

On vacation on some exotic island

Or at least just at home pampering myself silly.

When in actual fact this has been me in almost 2 weeks

Battling chronic Fatigue

With crazy symptoms like these.

Sleeping and feeling even more exhausted but of course still trying to answer as many messages or show up for all the preaching engagements I had previously accepted.

In fact whenever I tried to shut down completely I felt totally attacked by one more DM of “hope you are enjoying yourself when we miss you so much” I know they were all messages sent from a place of love but I couldn’t help feeling attacked every time I got another message. In fact satan was twisting all the messages so badly and what I was actually hearing was this …

Making me feel terrible for daring to even feel ill.

I’m sure a lot of this would come as a shock to some of you as I was still working through it all but the point is don’t believe everything you see on social media; check up on your loved ones. As in really check up on them.

This often makes me wonder what Mary the mother of Jesus must have been going through. We read her story today and talk about her being blessed amongst women which is true but what about the stress that this young teenage girl must have gone through to make sure that we have a Christmas to celebrate.

It must have been very hard for her. Not only because she was young but because accepting to be pregnant outside marriage was literally a death sentence. She would be stoned to death. You must understand the era she lived in and the law in effect at the time and there was no guarantee that Joseph would go along with it. Honestly things are really never just as they appear.

God must have had to do a lot of work in her heart for her to be able to go ahead with this divine plan.

This may have been the picture on her IG or FB pages but I often wonder what was going on in her mind.

I guess we’ll have to get to heaven to find out but until then Check up on those here with you.


Pastor mildred

32 thoughts on “Check up

  1. Thank you PM….devil has failed with its gimmicks. God loves us all and we are not as the children of the world who don’t have hope but seriously the way you teach the Word has a way of soothing my spirit man and helping me to tell myself to align.
    You are such a useful vessel whom God blessed us with in this generation, please do enjoy your vacation to the fullest 😊😍🤍🙏.


  2. Awwww Mama. Thanks for checking up. I miss you. I literally am having withdrawal symptoms from #3pmwithPM but your health is paramount. Please rest as much as you can until we see you again. We love you


  3. Thank you so much for this message, Pastor M. Sometimes I just feel the need to let people be, this life itself is stressful indeed. Whatever way you need to de-stress, it’s ok. We will be right here waiting for you when you’re fully restored and rested. We miss you so much oh, but it’s okay. God bless you mama 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    Love always,😘


  4. A very emotional, authentic and yet very compassionate post. You are a wonderful woman Mama ❤️. Rest, refresh, rest and rest again. It is not wasteful. You are so important, and I hope you are feeling much better.

    Forever in my heart and prayers. Thank God for your life. The devi is a liar, Jesus is the messiah. Look after yourself Pastor Mildred.


  5. Awww 🥰 My beloved PM.. I hope you are feeling much better now. We really missed you! You can’t even imagine. I am sorry for making you fee attacked 🙈 I sincerely though let you were resting good. Thank you for sending this mail. Sending you loves and hugs.


  6. Thank you for this piece. This is the second time I’m reading this and a friend said something to me today. We are a sad generation with happy pictures on social media.
    It’s important for us to check up on our loved ones.


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