When It Doesn’t Make Sense

It seems just like yesterday when we were praying and ushering in the new year. I can still literally hear the countdown … 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…

The screams and all round hugs. I remember seeing the joy that filled the room as I announced that in 2020… ALL THINGS ARE NOW READY!!!

People clapped, people danced, they hugged loved ones, they laughed, they screamed the loudest Amens I have ever heard. I literally felt like angels were dispatched in droves to ensure that the word for the year would become a reality. To be honest it wasn’t just the people. I was very excited too. More excited than I had been in years.

Ok, so let me back track a bit so you will understand why this word meant so much to me. So December 2019 I had a couple of divine encounters. God had shown me a couple of revelations and said a lot of amazing things to me about what to expect in 2020. Infact He told me it would be a buffet of blessings

The table was set.

It was more about if I could see it, I could have it. And He promised 2020 would be a year of clarity for me, the year where every promise He had ever given me in the last 15 years would be manifested. He also promised me it would be the YEAR OF THE UNVEILING meaning I would be visible to the world that it would be my Ta-da kind of year

Ta-Daaa! 🤩

So many other great promises concerning my home, finances, family, ministry, relationships, health, etc but with two caveats

1. It will be a year of rest but not a year of laziness. So get ready to work.

2. Whatever you do, don’t die because this will be a very sweet year for you. Meaning many would die.

I shared some of these things at my Gaining Momentum 2020 message. Did you miss it?

Wow! I don’t believe it!

And you’ve still not seen it? How will this all now make sense? Ok, so this is what we’ll do. Watch it now …CLICK HERE

So anyhow after all that and all the beautiful promises the year now did us Gbas Gbos.

2020 in gloves Mehn!

From COVID-19 – a worldwide pandemic, to total lockdown, to BLACK LIVES MATTER, to END SARS, to Lekki Massacre, just name it. There was loss of lives, loss of livelihood, loss of relationships,etc. It just didn’t look like the amazing year God had promised. In fact people started calling out ministers of the gospel and calling them false prophets and making skits out of it all. I mean just typical.

So maybe not. But just imagine an epic eye roll 🙄

So moving past all the ignorant people out there who don’t know that God’s word thrives even in the midst of opposition but only to those who believe

If you let go of faith it won’t work.

I want to share with you something that helped me stay true to the promise of God that 2020 would be my best year yet. I’d like to show you something I saw in my bible and interestingly it’s linked with Christmas. So now who’s ready for some bible study?

Awww… I knew you’d feel this way 😎

Okay so let’s look at the Christmas story and see what we can find there.

Did you notice verse 7? 😲

So here’s the deal. God gave a prophetic word – HIS SON WAS TO BE BORN! Wow! The son of God coming into the world?! Wow!

Roll out the red carpet please!!!!

So now tell me what would you expect? Even as a human being when you are about to deliver a baby don’t you make sure you have the best? I’m simply wondering what must have been going through Mary and Joseph’s heads when they went from inn to inn and there was no room for the king of glory to be born gloriously. No one saved room for the savior of the world to be born. No room!

Imagine going from door to door and hearing every innkeeper say the same thing.


In case you missed it. Look at it again.

Yep! Still there in Luke 2:7

At this point, the average Christian would have said “I’m not sure I heard God!” Because any sane person would expect the angels to have prepared a place. I mean after all, God has spoken shouldn’t that mean that everything should co-operate with the promise? Besides when she stood the chance of being stoned to death for being pregnant outside wedlock didn’t God fix that by appearing to Joseph? Why couldn’t he just do that again? And this time she’s in labor so shouldn’t he fix it even faster?

Please shut down an entire inn Lord! 😩

Must have been really hard to wrap her head around what was happening. Just about as hard as ALL THINGS ARE NOW READY then the world hits you with all the chaos it can muster. But you know what? In spite of no room, God made room and baby Jesus was born – maybe not in the way we expected but still born and with all the glory, resources, honor and wealth needed. Pretty much like this year 2020. God had kept His word probably in the most unlikely manner but He kept His word nonetheless.

This year has been my best year yet. And I’m not just saying that it actually has been. I’ve been shocked by the level of clarity this year has given me in terms of purpose and relationships. Like Jesus I realized more than ever that not everyone who calls you Lord Lord is authentic. I learned what’s really important at the end of the day. I learned to be clear on my ONE THING…. 2020 did that for me.

This year I’ve experienced wealth like never before. In the things money can buy and the things money cannot buy. I’m rich in money, in relationships, in favor, in influence, in every currency possible. I’m totally abounding needing no aid or support for every good work and charitable donation. It’s not my fault o! In 2020 if God has chosen to bless you …

What can you do? 🤷🏽‍♀️

So I’m enjoying the blessings. I got to rest a lot more and spend time with family yet it’s been my most productive year so far. It was definitely a year of rest however not a lazy moment for me.

It was truly a year of THE UNVEILING for me. Because of the lockdown I was forced to go virtual and at first none of us liked it because it felt so impersonal but what Satan meant for evil God turned it around for good and people from all over the world began to connect with me. Like I was re-introduced to the world.

Me that I would walk into a room head held high because no one knew me especially if I wasn’t with my husband (seeing as he’s the celebrity in the family) now if I want any privacy most times I’m tempted to walk into a room like this now

Just kidding though. I still walk into and out of a room normally but Can’t believe how much people actually recognize me now. It’s really been an unveiling – little effort, great results.

It’s been a year of absolute grace.

Freely given 🥰

I have experience the grace of God more than ever before. To be honest not because I did anything different. This one is all on God.

Anyway, my point to all this is that the year may not have gone the way we planned but it definitely didn’t affect God’s word from coming to pass. Look closely. This may be a great time to whip out that gratitude journal and count your blessings. It will surprise you how much God has done. In fact let me start you off …

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Were you able to do that? Then Guess what! You’re ALIVE!

Yeah! ✌️

Let’s start from there. And if it doesn’t seem like things are working as planned. Look again, God always has a plan and it may not be the same one you are looking at.

Now be honest if you have anything written down in your gratitude journal then you have a reason to thank God.

So go ahead and do that NOW.

Praise Break!!!!

And if you still want more then we’ve still got time. So insist that ALL THINGS ARE still NOW READY for you and quit looking at all the things you think didn’t work out.

Still true

It may not be making sense. In fact the whole of 2020 may not have made sense but trust God ok?

Ok guys. See you soon.


Pastor mildred.

13 thoughts on “When It Doesn’t Make Sense

  1. Oh my days isn’t this beautiful 😍😍 there was no room but Christ was still born! With all the glory!! ✨ All things are still ready 🙏🙏🙏Thank you PM darling.


  2. Yayyy!! @Christmas Series!! 💃🏾💃🏾 2020 was interesting but God showed up in such a mighty way!!! And “ALL THINGS ARE still READY for me for the remaining 27 days of 2020… It’s going to be a delicious couple of weeks 😋..

    God’s word cannot fail! Never!

    And Yayy!! 💃🏾💃🏾 To you blogging again mama 😁


  3. Posted a whole comment and it didn’t go!! 😩😩 (lemme start again..)

    Yayy!! @ Christmas series 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾. 2020 was an interesting year, but God showed up in such a mighty way!! And “ALL THINGS ARE still READY” for me in 2020… the next couple of weeks would be delicious 😋

    God’s word cannot fail! Never!

    Oh and Yayy!! To you blogging again mama! 😁


  4. I held onto the word for the year like my life depended on it, cos it actually did. And i’m grateful to God he’s been faithful. Thank you Mama for the wisdom in this “familiar” story of the bible. I’m still cashing out from the buffet till the last minute of 2020 though lol. Love you Mama


  5. A year like no other. God’s unending faithfulness for me is the highlight of the year 2020. ALL THINGS ARE STILL READY ❤️


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