welcome to December

Hey people

I honestly cannot believe I’ve been away from my blog for so long. Since June?

What?!!! Nooooo!

Well, it is what it is but the good part is I’m here now and I would truly like to make it up to you guys. It’s not going to be easy but I’m willing to try.

I’ve been so busy with other platforms I didn’t know I had been away from my blog for this long. It totally feels weird and you won’t believe the amount of cobwebs I had to get through just to be able to do this one blog post..

The things I do for you guys 😩

So now that every where is spick and span, and I’m good to go, who’s ready for some Christmas blogging? I honestly think we could all do with some Christmas cheer, don’t you?

So here’s the plan as always. It’s December and Christmas is on the way which means it’s also my favorite season of the year. Now usually, especially if you are familiar with this blog you know that I throw caution to the wind and blog every single day of December. However I’m trying very hard to not make promises I cannot keep so what I will do is promise that you will hear from me at least 3 times a week but hey! Who knows? I just might be able to pull it off every day.

Wouldn’t that really be something though

So anyhow this is what we’ll do. Make sure you are subscribed so I can send you an email everyday I do make a post. Secondly make sure you drop by everyday just to check it out whether you get an email or not. Finally, spread the word. Forward the link to friends and foes alike. I mean it is after all Christmas and it’s a season of giving and sharing.

So just click the share button daily

We all know there’s nothing normal about this year 2020 but one thing is for sure, no matter how crazy this year has been. We won’t let it rob us of the joy that comes with December especially Christmas.

So here’s me welcoming you to December

and welcoming you back to the blog.

Love, pastor mildred.

6 thoughts on “welcome to December

  1. The way I jumped once I saw the mail!!! I’m so happy your back Pastor. This December, though different, will definitely be one to remember in Jesus name.

    Much love from a #3pmwithpm tribe member.

  2. Yasssss!!! Mama has remembered us here (though I’m every where mama is lol) Good to have you back Mama, so excited about the season too.

  3. I’ve not really anticipated Christmas season for some time now, maybe your blog will motivate me ma🙏, I’m glad!
    Thank you so much pastor M, and welcome back ma🤗

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