“I’m tired abeg, I’m losing my mind in this lockdown. I need a change of environment. This COVID should do and come and be going please”

I remember vividly where I was when I said these words. It was during the first month of the lockdown , in the kitchen, serving myself a sumptuous dish while streaming Johnathan McReynold’s People album on my phone. I murmured as I put my food in the microwave to warm, but my murmuring was cut short by Emmanuel.

Emmanuel didn’t even lift his eyes to look at me when he responded to my whining, saying “You have access to uninterrupted power supply, unlimited internet and food and you are losing your mind. What will the people who have none of these things but still must stay locked down say? “

He threw these words so casually like they weren’t heavy. But they were.

I went quiet. It felt like I had just gotten a serious scolding.

If that was God pulling me out of the pit of ingratitude and entitlement, it worked. It worked so well because I immediately found three things to be thankful for which made the ONE THING I was complaining about look irrelevant.

Now this is the case as I have come to realize; The things that aren’t working, those things we complain about, they are valid and the things that are working; those things we can be thankful for are valid as well.

 So, I came up with a gratitude exercise.

In this exercise, we will be required to be completely honest. Can you do that?

We won’t deny that somethings aren’t working, we also won’t deny that somethings are. Now what you want to do is place them side by side in a tabular form on a clean white paper and label them ‘Complain’ (on the left) and ‘Give thanks’ (on the right) . Under ‘complain’, we will write down something that we want to complain about and under ‘give thanks’ we write something that we are thankful for. For every item under ‘give thanks’ we are to cancel one item from ‘complain’ . PLEASE NOTE: Life cancels everything under complain. So, if you have life under your ‘give thanks’ it invariably means you have nothing under ‘complain’ .

Do the exercise and I’d like to hear what you have left to complain about. I’ll wait.



11 thoughts on “THE GRATITUDE TEST

  1. I am screaming in Whitney Houston’s voice , I have nothing , nothing , nothing.!!!!!! to complain about. God has been awesome, people lost jobs during this time, but I got a job, I worked and I went about without worrying about the virus because He kept me, bills are paid , debts steadily reducing… I am totally thankful, God has been good to me and He loves me , I cannot say Why.


  2. I’m indeed very grateful. The lock down drew me closer to God and prayers I made for I and my family and friends that none will come out of this losing their job, God answered.


  3. Firstly, I enjoyed this post 😍😍😍

    I keep saying I’m intentionally loved by God. I really don’t know how He does it but I’m super grateful. I have absolutely nothing on my sheet to complain about no more. Thank you Jesus for this ONE THING you keep giving to me….. ‘Assurance.’ I’m eternally grateful Lord🙏


  4. Wow! While I was reading I kept saying, “so true!!!” Life cancels everything under complain
    I’m so grateful to God that during this lockdown I drew nearer to him and my family, I’m so grateful that I have food and water and clothes to wear and the list goes on and on, I’m grateful for everything. Thank you for the post😘


  5. Amazing 👌 Chai ! Imagine using my complaining energy in Thanksgiving . You are too much my faithful God. Thanks a lot Chisom dear.


    1. I have nothing to complain about ,God has indeed been faithful.
      What the devil meant to evil he turned it for good for me. My family is hale and hearty ,my needs were met and Bill’s paid. It could have been worse but he showed up every time.

      Nice post ,thank you for the post.


  6. I am forever grateful…. absolutely grateful for the small things,big things and everything…Thank you for this amazing post


  7. I am grateful for last year 2020 , i am gratefull for my life for letting me seeing 2021.
    I am grateful for the roof over my head, the fact that i have food i am grateful.
    I am grateful for my life . i am grateful for my job , a lot of my collegues have lost their jobs last and this year and i still have one , i am grateful.
    I am not taking your grace for granded , i am grateful.
    I am grateful for you letting me see my mother after 7 long years, i am grateful.
    I am gratefull for letting see my younger brother and also making it possible for him to come to me dispite all the killings and his mates dying around him , and you kept him alive , i am grateful.
    I am gratefull for all you have taught me in this 5 years of going through this process of infertility , i am grateful.


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