CENTRE STAGE -Ameze Osague-Iduh

Hey people,

Today our guest writer is someone very dear to me. My adopted sister in love. My right hand on Hannah’s Heart. To be honest If you’ve ever been at any of our just us girls meetings then she needs no introduction.

Let’s make welcome THE AMAZING AMEZE

Come on people, stand to your feet let’s make her blush

I can just imagine her face right now 😂😂😂😂

Okay let me stop looking for trouble. Enjoy guys….

11 thoughts on “CENTRE STAGE -Ameze Osague-Iduh

    1. Ameze God bless you for sharing this, you nailed it for me. During this pandemic l strengthened my relationship with my maker. I picked up an online course (The Mind of Christ) that I have been wanting to do in church – it’s now on zoom because of the lockdown. What God did for me this season like you called it was mind blowing. I perused the book before l started the course and of course it is one book that is supposed to be a must read for every believer (The Mind of Christ by T.W. Hunt and Claude V. King) – l strongly recommend it
      I have always cherished Matthew 6:36 – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you but not in the manner in which I do now. This simple verse in the Bible for me is the most important and depicts everything we should stand up for as a believer. I have not made a huge meaning out of this verse like l do now, l used to see it as one of the others until l read through this book and got a deeper understanding of it. I have tried, tested and trusted this verse it works, when you make God’s business your business, you don’t need to worry about yours because He will make your business His business, very simple. I cried to Him that this period l want to use it to know Him better and walk with Him more closely and that nothing will matter because l know He will handle the other things. True to it my sister, this simple vow and commitment that I made dazed me. As l grow in Him daily in prayers and studying His word and not praying again about the things l usually have on my list, that l pray about daily because I believed wholeheartedly that He’s got my back, surprisingly, l started knocking off things on my list, lines started falling into pleasant places for me like magic – gradually but surely, l have not experience such before. So for me it’s a kingdom secret that I have unlocked and l intend to tell it to anyone you cares to listen so that they too can try it and affirm to it. Thanks for this opportunity to share.


  1. Only one thing , or as Rev will say Someone. Funny I had this thought too. You think God is the center but when the world is shut down at a time like this you realize that you can make more time, you can love up more on him… I totally agree, you can make Him the center. Taking this lesson seriously.


  2. For me as well THIS IS A SEASON. And the bible says “for everything there’s a season….” I know this too shall pass. We shall all look back with fun memories. And just like the disciples of Jesus escaped being drowned because they put their focus on Jesus who is the CENTRE STAGE; so would we come out rejuvenated as we keep our eyes on The Almighty God who is at the CENTRE STAGE, I can even say HE IS THE STAGE lol… in our lives.

    Thank you for the insightful write-up as usual ma’am.


  3. Yes oo! You are all that matters my God. Indeed! You fit in anywhere perfectly. Thanks a lot my amazing Ameze. You are too much 👍. More blessings 🙏


  4. Wow! Everything about the passport stamps is absolute truth. Especially traveling to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and zoom meetings…like oh my gosh! 😳🤭

    So one sneaky morning I woke up, changed my zoom profile to a blank wallpaper that wrote “Reconnecting” and left my video view unmuted. I put my laptop on the side and went back to bed while everyone thought my network was problematic or reconnecting 😒; I was just exhausted with the new normal travel.

    But reading this post just made me realize that my stability somehow came from how preoccupied I would be with everything surrounding my life and I didn’t know it, until Everything Literally Stopped. When everyone was now pursuing intimacy with God, reading a new book and knew what to do, my default was to repair my relationship with God and accept that I need help and a whole lot of fixing. As in I couldn’t fake His presence (you know what I mean) – He was simply not center stage…🤕🤧Aaaah! See, the ‘One thing’ term is so much more than a theme for me. I’m yet to discover that One thing! 💌

    Wonderful post. So enlightening! 🙌
    And here I was thinking ‘Amazing’ was also her name. 🥰🌼

    Sorry for the long read ladies. I blame the box that said ‘leave a reply’ 😊❤️


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