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How are you? Hey!!! Things are beginning to heat up. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 when women pray and when women worship are just around the corner and the excitement is building …

Can you feel it?

Another great thing about this season is that we have daily blog posts coming up. You don’t want to miss it as we’ll be having lots of guest bloggers.

Today we’ll be starting with someone very special to me. My one and only baby sister DICHE ENUNWA

See as person pikin fine chai!

Definitely not a baby anymore. Interestingly, it’s her birthday today and what better day than today put up her blogpost.

Before we read from her I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate this amazing wife, mum of two brilliant boys, dentist, storyteller, screenplay writer, film maker and author

Speaking of being an author. She released her first three books today.

Lessons I Learnt From Esther
Lessons I Learrnt From Ruth
Lessons I Learnt From Daniel

So help me wish her a happy birthday by ordering it today. Click HERE TO BUY

Happy Birthday darling

I pray that God will announce you to the world and that He will use you for His glory in Jesus name.

Now enjoy reading from her.

A few days ago I woke up with a question on my mind… What if you could only do one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be?

The question for me was really weird and probably stemmed from the fact that there’s been a lockdown and there’s been a limit on what we can do in these times. I did think about it for a bit but once the one million and one things I actually had to do that day showed up, the question was quickly forgotten.

But now I’m here to ask you guys the same question. Think about it? What would be the only thing you’d be okay with doing for the rest of your life?

Would it be sleeping? Would you really want to go through eternity unconscious of everything going on around you?

Would it be eating? That would be fun for a while I guess but how long before the “my 600 pound life” tv show got a new customer in you.

Would it be watching movies? Hmmm…. Sounds like a plan but how long before your eyes hurt or you just get tired of seeing one actor be thief, police, priest and cheating husband in the same week.

Oh I know! Social media! All the funny memes, tiktok videos, savage tweets and fake life styles, cool yeah? But how long before you’d run out of data or get into a fight with a disrespectful and untrained child with 50mb data over religion, politics or just plain old common sense.

This is me dragging myself away from the madness

Okay wait I have one more, this one is literally out of this world. Would you be crazy enough to consider doing just this one thing…wait for it… drumroll please…. Spending the rest of your life just worshiping the father?!

Yeah, crazy right? I mean who wants hours and hours on end of peace giving, joy bringing, way making worship to the one who formed you and made His plans for you good and perfect. I mean is that even an option?

Oh wait! That’s literally all we’ll be doing in heaven and the one thing that Jesus told Martha mattered. Huh?! Who would have thunk? I guess we better get to practicing then…

See you at When Wonen Worship 2020

Love you ladies!


18 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR ONE THING? – Diche Enunwa

  1. Happy birthday to my birthday mate, God bless you richly…. Yes a life of worship to the father is my sole desire.

  2. Wow, this is awesome, I’d better start practicing what we are all going to be doing when we get to heaven.
    Happy birthday ma, I celebrate you.

    1. Happy birthday Momma! You realy be fine pikin…and i could and will worship God forever!

  3. Aww! 🤗 Happy bilated birthday ma. More blessings and age gracefully 🙏. You are not looking bad at all oo👌

    Indeed! Need to be in concious practice in preparation for enternal worship. God you are my helper 🙏

    Congratulations on your new book release dear 👍

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