Hey people

How are you guys doing?

As for me, I’m in birthday mode. Did I hear you say “birthday? Isn’t your birthday in September?” Yes it is but that’s just one birthday and I do agree that September is a great month to be born.

Argue with your phone 😜😂

But I have a birthday that is probably more important than the one in September. I became a member of my natural family by being born to them in September but I became a member of God’s family on May 24th about 28years ago and that is definitely something I think is worth celebrating. If you’ve never heard my salvation story then here it is …

My salvation story

This week has been very interesting. I had so many things lined up and it’s just been very nostalgic for me as well. I’ve been looking over my life and thinking a lot about the people and the things that have shaped me. So I spent 2 days speaking to the two men who both pastored and mentored me on my Instagram live sessions. If you missed it then you can find the recap on my IGTV.

First my pastor when I was in Uni, Pastor Temi Odejide taught us how a father gives you identity and Rev femi Oduwole my pastor and papa shared how a father gives you validation. Honestly I can’t even do this justice. Just go to my Instagram and watch it. Thank me later.

It was a truly amazing session and the reason why I’m such a daddy’s girl shone through in those very enlightening sessions and I’m so grateful for these amazing gifts of God sent to me

Pastor Temi and I
Rev Femi and I

These two men are just God showing me how much he loves me.

I just love this picture 😍😍😍

See another reason why I celebrate my spiritual birthday? 2 pastors for only me 😁.

I’m just so blessed… 😁😍

And I’m blessed to be a blessing. So until the end of the month, I have a few things lined up for you.

First on the list is #prayingwithpastorm. Join me on Instagram or Facebook at 3pm Nigerian time everyday. This time we are praying certain qualities in some bible characters into our lives. The last 3 days have been very good. We’ve learned lessons from

Blind Bartimaeus

It’s been very enlightening and we still have 7 more to go. So you still have one week of prayer and character study. Don’t miss it. It’s alway such a lovely time.

Join me 3pm Nigerian time.

Also have you been checking out my YouTube channel?

Wait?! What? You haven’t subscribed?

Totally shocked !!!

You really are missing. Infact let me give you a preview of the kind of stuff you are keeping yourself from partaking of.

Are you still there? Or have you gone to subscribe?


Be sure to also hit the notification button so you’ll be the first to know once new content arrives.

Listen this year is almost half way gone. You cannot seriously still be dulling yourself like this. Make moves to get the best out of the rest of the year.

That said have you signed up for mentoring with pastor M?

Let me help you take a closer look at the things that are keeping you at the same level.

Finally remember there are giveaways so you have to keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground to win. Make sure you are following on all social media platforms even here.

Ok so I really need to run. I cannot believe the time. I need sleep.

Love you

Pastor Mildred.

8 thoughts on “THE OTHER BIRTHDAY

    1. You’re just such a blessing ma’am. I really thank God for having crossed paths with you. May God continually keep and enlarge you even as he gives you wisdom to lead people for Him. It’s much more grace for you ma’am, I love you personally 🥰🥰🥰


    2. Wow
      Everytime I proud to say I’m happy I know you and you have been a mother to me.
      I’m always inspired by you
      Thank you for all you do maami


  1. Definitely subscribed since Na, I am following you and giving you close marking the way you do Rev and Pastor Temi. Sometimes I just go back and pray the names of God again, or listen to a message again, especially that one from gaining momentum, it’s been a blessing


  2. I have cried, unlearned, learned, being encouraged, become resolute. Thank you so much. I bless the day I got connected with you


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