20 THINGS NOT TO DO IN 2020 – part 2

Hello people

so a few days ago we talked about some of the things you shouldn’t do in 2020. We were only able to deal with 10. There’s 10 more so Like I said yesterday, grab a seat.

If you’re really serious about 2020 then you know you need to listen to me. Especially since today is the last day of the year. So, Let’s go… no time.

  • Don’t play with your health The only reason you are still here legally is because you have a body. Once your health declines and your body expires you are out of here. So this year don’t play with your health. Exercise, eat clean, drink lots of water and have regular check ups.

But don’t stop there study and understand your covenant of health with God and confess scriptures daily so you can walk in divine health.

  • Don’t Think Small This is definitely not that kind of year. Don’t even for one moment allow yourself to think small. Dream BIG!! No matter how tempting it is just, keep fighting to stay with all your big dreams. So many amazing things planned out this year but they will only happen if you have faith. Knowing this: God is able to blow your mind. No matter how grand your dreams are God is able to top them.

  • Don’t Be Afraid: This year a lot of things God will ask you to do will not make sense but just keep moving. Don’t worry about it. This year make up your mind to do it afraid. Just do it. It will be a year of new experiences and new things so some things will seem bigger than you but don’t be afraid. Keep moving. Keep believing.

  • Don’t Make Excuses This year divorce excuses. Just settle it that you cannot make excuses and progress at the same time. Even when it’s too hard or taking too long don’t give yourself the permission to make an excuse. It’s not even an option. Be committed to all your dreams and goals for the year

  • Don’t Procrastinate: This year do not wait to do what you can do now. Don’t! Just do it NOW!!! If you will succeed in 2020 then procrastination has got to go. Get up and do it Now!

  • Don’t stumble into the year – Maybe what I should say is don’t enter 2020 without a concrete and strategic plan. Do not deal with 2020 as if it’s just another one of those years where you just believe that if you wish hard and long enough it will happen. Nope! 2020 will only respond to a plan.

In fact it has to be a well thought out action plan with steps.

  • Don’t Neglect Doing The Work: Whatever the plan be committed to doing the work. Follow through and do the work required to achieve your dreams. There is no way around laziness this year. If you are not ready to do the work then you aren’t ready to take home the prize

And that’s all I’m going to say about that

  • Don’t Postpone Living: Today is that tomorrow you’ve been waiting for so live. Enjoy! Relax! Rest! Travel! Make new friends! Go on adventures. Do it all! Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone so live each day to the fullest.

Seize the day!

  • Don’t Underestimate The Year – If you walk into this year thinking it’s just another year hmmmm… it will be bad o! Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT underestimate this year. It will be a pivotal year for a lot of us. So many things that will affect the next ten years will happen in 2020. Don’t be bored. Don’t take it for granted. I pray that this year you don’t lose your wonder. Wake up everyday expectant and excited.

  • Don’t Die : Listen… whatever you do. DO NOT DIE! I’m serious o! This year go rock o! Death is not an option. I’m telling you. Listen to me e go favor you! This is not the year to die abeg. Live this life. Enjoy it. Savor it. Groove it because the blessings are so many. Trust me. This year go sweet

This 2020 everywhere stew 😁

Ok people I gotta go. It’s been an amazing #Christmasseries. Loved hanging out with you all month. Catch you on the other side.

Hey! 2020 is that you I see over there? 🥰🥰🥰 this is how I’m looking at 2020 in all of its glory looking so sweet and calling my name. 😏😍 The year is about to start with a BANG.

First there’s Crossover service,

I will be ministering at one of them. Guess which one.

then Gaining Momentum

And I’m extra excited because for the first time in the history of gaining momentum a woman will be speaking and it’s none other than yours truly

then of course Manual and this year is so special the focus is on us ladies.

Not necessarily about how men think. Even though there’s a book launch with that title from last years conference theme

This year is already loaded and we haven’t even started. We are coming at 2020 with all we’ve got from day one.

See you next year people 😁


Pastor Mildred.

3 thoughts on “20 THINGS NOT TO DO IN 2020 – part 2

  1. I am loving this, and I know I have personally struggled with making excuses and procrastinating, as much as I want to do something, I just roll over with excuses and that might be due to complacent dispositions I have. This year I have to fight like DAVID in a battle to ensure its not business as usual and by God I hope to win.

    After the last 3 months , my health is definitely on the list of to- do and yes I screamed when I read the do not die part, with the solid buffet this year is coming with , I cannot come and miss , so yes this year will not be business as usual, this year we will be intentional about everything because we desire results. Ahh thank you mama, we are not playing.

    And before we disappear please what happened to our giveaway that I read about in the first couple of posts, I didn’t forget o, so I say I shoo remind you🙈🙈🙈. Happy new year mama , this one has been marked important .


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