20 THINGS NOT TO DO IN 2020 – part 1

Hey people

So as we say in Nigeria “like play like play” 2019 is finally drawing to a close.

What was 2019 like for you? I’m not even sure how to answer that question because I saw it all; the good, the bad and the downright ugly. At least I’m still here. Thank God I made it

And as the year is rounding off we need to have a serious strategy session concerning next year. I don’t think we should allow next year pass us by. It’s a serious matter. So grab a seat

A few things I thing you need to think about. I call them THE 20 DO NOTS OF 2020

Do not joke with your relationship with God Don’t for one moment play with walking with God, studying the word, hearing from God, prayer, fasting, etc. you will need a very solid work withGod if you will survive 2020.

  • Do not play with knowledge – Any opportunity you get to learn something new; to hone a skill, further your education, or get information, dont take it for granted at all. You will be shocked at the opportunities that will come to you if you will only ask.

  • Do not settle for less than you deserve: This is not the year to settle for less than you deserve. Everything you think you are deserving of fight to get. This also means no crappy men in your life this year just because you think you can “manage”. Do not manage anyone or anything that you know is not God’s best for you.
  • Don’t dim your light for anyone – 2020 is the year to SHINE!!! Don’t dim your light because it makes people uncomfortable. One of the things I’ve learnt about light is that it attracts good things and makes bad people uncomfortable. If people are uncomfortable with your level of light them get sunglasses.
  • Do not fight unnecessary battles: This is the year to choose your battles wisely. Don’t waste your time fighting battles you can’t win, or explaining actions that you don’t need to justify. Focus your energies on following your dreams instead of defending yourself. You don’t have to show up to every argument you are invited to.
  • Don’t lend money you cannot forfeit: This is one of the major things I believe will set you free from trouble in 2020. Make your life easy. Don’t lend anyone money that you cannot forfeit if the person doesn’t pay you back. This is one of the major causes of quarrels among friends and family. Remember the love of money will definitely end friendships. So if it’s not money you can easily forfeit don’t lend it to someone.
  • Don’t lie to yourself : In 2020 give yourself permission to be brutally honest with yourself. Listen to me, one of the worst things you can do is to lie yourself in this coming year. You need to be very direct. Look at your life and constantly examine yourself and evaluate your life. You may be able to lie to others especially on the gram but you can’t get away with lying to yourself for too long.
  • Don’t spend all you earn: Personally, I don’t know how anyone can eat all they make. I don’t get it. If you’ve been doing it, next year you MUST stop it. Stop spending all your earnings. The secret is this, there’s an Igbo adage “good things never finish in the market.” Nothing could be more true. Haven’t you noticed every year there’s a new model of phones, cars, new season clothes, shoes and bags. Life is just targeted at getting all you make and keep you broke. You need to be smart. Having a job is not enough. What you need is to have a financial plan which includes spending and investing.
  • Don’t allow toxic people into your life : This year make up your mind to declutter. Kick out negative and toxic people and don’t allow them back in if you’ve sent them away. Be careful who you allow into your life.
  • Don’t postpone spending time with loved ones : Life is too short not to spend time with those most important to you. In 2020 don’t keep postponing play time with the kids or time with your spouse. If anything be very intentional about it. Write it into your calendar. Set up alarms just do whatever you need to do to make memories with them.
  • Okay ladies. I will be back with part 2 tomorrow
  • Love
  • Pastor Mildred
  • 4 thoughts on “20 THINGS NOT TO DO IN 2020 – part 1

    1. The number 10 got me. In 2018, I finally made up my mind to switch career to Mental Nursing which will involve relocating abroad for school. My target was for September 2019, I found myself resigning in December 2018 to come spend time with my sister in the UK. It didn’t make sense to me until October, 8 when she transitioned to glory. I hold those memories so dear and I’m grateful to God I got to spend six months with her. So yes to taking out time for loved ones.

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