Ladies Ladiessss …kindly take a minute away from your groove and pay attention to this. Now, I do not mean to be a party pooper but na who like you go tell you true abi? It’s been a fun-filled holiday but school has almost come calling. Mixed feelings.But you’re a big girl na, you can take care of yourself. Now let’s focus on the little ones. Yes, children adjust fast but everything is easier with a little help init?! And help we shall give them as they switch from holiday to school mode.

Today on the blog we have the Head of Preschool and Nursery, Preserved Generation Schools, sharing from her wealth of knowledge gathered from experience in dealing with preschoolers . She’s going to take us by the hand and help us prep our kids for school mode .

Ladies and gentlemen, Mrs Nonye Ezuruike .Hey people! Compliments of the season 💓. It seems like it’s almost time for school again. Yes the fun outings, having family around, gifts unwrapping and late night sleeps are all of a sudden coming to an end. The time for our children to be hesitant and apprehensive is near.

Here are some tips on how you and your preschoolers can start the school episodes without knowing you are even casts in the movie.

Get a gift for your child: One of the Christmas gifts you can give to your preschooler should be something they can use for school. This will help them think and anticipate going back to school. It can be a new belt, a pair of shoes, back packs or water bottles etc.

Talk School: Have a positive conversation about the return to school. Talk about how much fun school will be, how big their friends would be, how pretty, handsome and strong their teachers would say they are now, which friend they are looking forward to see.

Stimulate the brain: Download age appropriate educational games that will help stimulate their brains which will help them remember what they have learned earlier. Engage them with activities like painting, I spy games, read stories to them and have them retell the stories.

Early routine: A week to resumption reset their body clock by waking them up at their normal school time. Help them go to bed early by doing this, they won’t have trouble going to bed and waking up during school days. Give your preschooler an early breakfast, the way they will eat when school begins this will help their body system get used to it and prevent vomiting or struggles when eating. So it’s better you get into the swing of things early.

Screen Time: A few days to resumption cut down screen time this could be T.V, tablets or phones if you would prefer to reduce the hours or give every other day whichever works for you but be consistent in the decision you made this will help in ensuring a good and smooth transition during school time.

Make Plans: It is time for you to arrange who picks up and drops off your child. Draw up a meal schedule, call their home tutors or after school caregivers to be sure they will like to continue with you and if there will be a change have a conversation with your child before they resume. Have all these planned and ensure everyone involved is aware especially for working mothers. Check to be sure that the school uniforms and shoes still fit especially with the Christmas goodies they have had and if not have plans to replace it. Ensure the study area is ready, conducive, comfortable and all stationeries are in place.It is important to know that every child wants to be free and not apprehensive about returning to school so let’s make it fun.

So you see going back to school can be so much fun for you and your preschooler . Hope this helps🤗
Love,Nonye Ezuruike..


  1. Awww I must admit this is a lot of help. Something to remember when I have kids, let me go and show my sister. Very helpful tips , never thought of any of it, we just wake up when school resumes and drag them out of bed expecting them to adjust once more especially after a long holiday. Thanks ma’am.


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