Heyyyyyy people! No naaa, I wouldn’t forget you because of groove (I guess).

lol. How has the celebration been on your end? I have been having the time of my life with family and friends .

Now we have a few days to 2020

and I think it’s just proper to put certain things in place in preparation for the new year, abi what do you think?Well, we are kicking of with… You know what ? Let the guest writer just let you in on it .Ladies and gentlemen, world renowned beddings magnate , Vera Oke.

Hey ladies, I’ll just jump right to it starting with a few questions .1. Do you spend so much on skin care products and routine with minimal results?
2. Do you come home after a long day’s work and can’t figure out why you would rather be in the kitchen?
3. Are you ashamed to let people even close friends into your home?
4. Is your husband reluctant in his bedmatic responsibility to you?The key is simple Change your BEDSHEETS.Yes, bedsheets. A lot of us use one bedding for years upon years. Quite not right.

While you are at it please be delivered from fish net and all other funny things you cover your hair with. Upgrade to beautiful and attractive satin hair bonnets. Satin helps retain your hair moisture which is a vital ingredient for hair nourishment.
If you are a gymnastic sleeper that can’t maintain the hair covering, you can get the satin pillow cases. Works very well.

Get rid of the old, upgrade and be thankful.

Check us out at Veebee interiors and we are just a phone call away from wherever you are in the world 07034989763.

Have a beautiful rest of the year .



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