What Will You Give Him?

Hey people

So how did yesterday go? Did you eat all that food? How did you go with drinking your calories? Be careful honey losing weight is never as easy as putting it on.

Who tried the couscous recipe? I apologize that I couldn’t put it up with actual pictures and measurements. Will probably have to do a repost soon. I’m expecting you to still wing it on portions.

Okay so today let’s talk about Boxing Day

What does it mean to you?

Is it a day you give gifts or just expect to receive?

Or is it a chill out day after all the work for the year

Honestly, I’m with Santa on this one. Truly, Boxing Day should be the day you don’t get out of bed. Just lay in bed away from reality and stuff your face ha ha ha!

Okay so that’s not really where I’m going with this though.

So I was up thinking about Boxing Day and how I haven’t even wrapped my kids’ gifts. Then I started asking myself where we got this whole giving gifts tradition. So to find the answers, I followed the star ..,

And of course it led me to the manger. To baby Jesus and the gifts from the wise men

You know it’s got me really thinking. It’s actually Jesus’ birth we are celebrating so it means we are celebrating his birthday so how come we end up giving everyone gifts but him?

Now I’m wondering what do you think Jesus would want for his birthday? What would make Him happy every single year? If Jesus had a birthday wishlist what would it say

I’m not sure what His list would say but I do know that there are somethings that Jesus truly loves and top on that list would be this

God is more interested in us living right than in all this Christmas rice we are sharing. Even more than all our Christmas social media posts

So the same way we are sorting presents for all our loved ones let’s also make sure that the one who first loved us

and whose birthday it actually is gets the one gift that he desires.

And interestingly His commandments are not hard to keep. They aren’t grievous

He even encourages us to rest in obeying Him. What he places on us is light.

So this Christmas what will you give Him? I suggest you start with your heart.

Whatever you do this season you must remember two things that will give Him so much pleasure.

So in this season. Love God. Love people.

That’s the best gift you could ever give Him. So think about it.

What would you give Him?


Pastor Mildred.

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  1. All that I am is yours Lord , every little bit of me, heart first. But yes I am sorta chilling but not chilling today , my books are calling my name silently in a corner and I have been pretending not to hear it…. but today I must listen đź‘‚… happy Boxing Day mama

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