Laaadddiiiessss!!! Now there’s no need to ask if the spirit of season is sipping in yet because it clearly is. Have you guys seen all the events scheduled for year ??? This concert today , that concert tomorrow. If you find yourself bored, it’s all on you.

Anyhow, in the event that you cannot make it to any of these events , there are still cool places you can have maximum fun in this season. And in our usual fashion, we have flown in one of our very well known groove ministers. For any event in Lagos and environs, any hang out spot , and groove centre she is your go-to girl . Amazing how she finds the time seeing as she has a 9-5, but where there is a will …

Ladies and gentlemen, stand up for FADE!!!


Hey people!

The festive season is upon us once again, I love the way the weather feels. The decorations and ease in traffic are always welcome. This year it is going to be groovy – yeah you heard me right groooooovvvvvyyyy. If you are in Lagos just like me, it is always unlimited fun.
The ease in traffic both human and vehicular makes the season one of the best for hangouts – my advise – Join me relax and have fun with friends and family.

If you are wondering where I would be this festive season, let me give you a few ideas.

Twin Waters
Situated at Okunde Bluewater Zone Off Remi Olowude Road Water Corporation Road, Lekki, Lagos. The venue caters for all ages and genders.There are arcade games (shoot em up, wack em all, shooting hoops, racing), a bowling center with 3 alleys, restaurants, the movie section with 4 screens showing the latest movies.

Hi- impact planet
located along Lagos/Ibadan expressway. This exciting place will get your adrenaline up. trust me this is the place to be – the planet is an amusement park with outdoor and indoor activities you can get into the fun right from the entrance. You will see life like animals and it has packages for all ages and genders

LCC – Lekki conservation centre
This conservation center is for the lovers of nature. It is a good place for a picnic, hey, look out for the monkeys, they love to join the party. This lovely spot houses the tallest canopy walk in Africa- scared of heights, lets go conquer that fear. They also have some fun games that you can enjoy too. Enjoy nature’s view.

Terra Kulture
Don’t feel like watching a screen – Go and be entertained with a stage play featuring some of the greats. There is always a stage play showing during the festive season so be on the lookout and enjoy the experience. Get a paint pass and discover a talent in art: how about discovering if you have a talent in art. PTNA organises a paint outing once every month where every beginner can learn how to paint within an hour.

Upbeatz Lekki
I call it the trampoline place. there are so many exciting things to do here: you can jump on the trampoline. play basketball, football, volleyball, climb the walls and off course eat.

Omu Resort:
The resort has a zoo and an amusement park with both indoor and outdoor games, quad bikes and lots more to do. If you are going to Omu resort ensure you organize your refreshments from home.

Freedom park
It’s a memorial and leisure park located in downtown lagos island. This place has some memorial structures telling the story of prisoners, different tribes and cultures in Nigeria, the grounds that held the prisoners were preserved for public viewing. Friday nights! the park comes alive with live music.

The Beach
The beach is a win anytime of the day and we’ve got loads of them in Lagos. Pack up your meals and drinks and get into really comfy outfits. I must warn you though to stay away between the 22nd of dec and 2nd of jan as the beach gets really rowdy. If you are visiting one of the few private beaches we have around then you have nothing to worry about.

Leisure sport paintball or Ultimate Arena Magodo
How about some paintballing. Sounds like fun right, yeah it is interesting with obstacle courses. Pick your team and let’s go shooting.

Finally another interesting thing to do in Lagos is drive slowly through Lagos on a Saturday or Sunday night when there’s no traffic and just enjoy the scenery and the decorations used to beautify the various streets in VI (the popular zenith road), Falomo roundabout and the Lekki Ikoyi link bridge for a lovely view of the spectacle lagos has on show.

Have yourself an exciting and fun filled holiday .

Love, Fade .


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