You know what ladies? I’m just going to let our next guest writer introduce herself.


Hey people💃💃💃💃

I’ll introduce myself quickly but raucously…lol…It’s my ‘street cred’…if you don’t mind, just stay with me.

I’m the amazing, absolutely beautiful 😎 Catherine Nnanna Ebiri-Okoro aka CoachCathy, Nwunye Nnanna and mom of 4 adorable kids.

I lost about 27kg in 4months and I’m also a certified weight loss, nutrition and fitness expert.

I run a fitness company @coachcathyfitness that specializes in helping ladies, men and kids lose weight eating yummy Naija meals with appropriate workouts and sustain their results in a healthy way, taking into consideration any health challenge they may have.

So typically, there are 3 kinds of clients I’ve always encountered during the yuletide season – the first: ” Icannotcomeandgoandkillmyself” (a local parlance here in Nigeria, indicating a worry-free, carefree, self- gratifying approach to decision making) client. Their target is ‘chop and quench’😂😂 because YOLO ( You only live once) and tiz a holiday after all fitfam be damned, “we will continue weightloss after Christmas, see you next year, coach “we die here” they say spiritedly to me! 😅😅

Then here comes the really cautious client; these ones have worked on their weight for a while and do not want anything to interrupt the progress they’ve made. Their disposition is to stick to their diet plan all through the yuletide season because weight loss is hard; some hit the gym early in the morning on Christmas day😒😒😒 and lowkey tension the rest of my clients at the squad 😂😂😂

Finally, not necessarily the least….. I have those who are indifferent; anything goes, they have no plans at all, they just wanna ‘wing it’ and see how things go.

For which ever category you fall under, know this, you can thoroughly enjoy the yuletide season without going over board. I always tell my clients; don’t forget your body will remain with you even AFTER the Christmas and new year celebrations, so remember that as you eat and celebrate.

Now that we have that out of the way, I’d love to quickly share some realistic tips that should help you stay as fit as possible for the holiday.

1. Lose weight BEFORE Christmas: I mean it’s a no- brainer, the truth is I believe in paying for things forward. So lose as much weight as you can before the celebrations begin, which should be before the 24th of December. So if you can lose between 2 to 4kg, that would be fantastic. This way when you’re eating or drinking all the treats, you know you’ve earned it, because you have created some deficit weight and there is nothing to be terrified about weight gain wise.

2. Stay hydrated; drink good old water (tahhhhh, don’t roll your eyes at me o😂😂). Water, I daresay is liquid gold after breastmilk (lolll) before nursing moms come for me🤪🤪 .Water helps you stay full, keeps you hydrated and speeds up your metabolism, so even as you eat /drink, you quickly pass out the waste product.

For those who get bored taking plain water, you can infuse any fruit of choice in your water, I’d suggest lemon and cucumber; really refreshing I promise. In addition, opt for freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, parfaits, Greek yogurt ( the sweet one o, you dinor kill Jesus please

3. Plan to Eat ahead : If you would be attending a party or plan to eat out or visit friends / family, eat a healthy heavy breakfast. When you’re belly- full, the likelihood of overeating when you’re away from home is curtailed.

When out, opt for the healthier options – Pepper soup (fish, goat, chicken, turkey), salads, moimoi , stir fries, grilled anything ( fish, chicken, goat meat, plantain). Let’s not forget fruits of course😁

If all else fails, my brothers and sisters biko (please) eat ehn, 😁😁 Be sure you watch your portions, and as much as is possible, don’t go for second or third helpings and pleaseeeeeee don’t carry to- go bowls of food home. Chances are your host will not make a repeat invitation to you, if you finish all their food o ( dodges bathroom slippers)🤣🤣🤣.

4. Stay active: I’m not saying hit the gym on Christmas morning, but seek fun related and creative opportunities to burn those calories. One fantastic way you can achieve this, is dancing. Hey! It’s a celebration cum festive season after all, so dance at home, street, church , parties with your loved ones or even alone.

Brisk walks with friends / loved ones is also a good one.

I personally do squats and sometimes dance just before I have my bath at night; you can try it. The point here is this – it can be fun-related and calorie-burning activities rolled up in one. Another example, I play games ( I intend to flog my hubby in Monopoly this season, he doesn’t know I used it to pay my school fees that year🤪🤪). Eventually you’ll notice that you have brought in a moderated focus on food alone and you aren’t just punishing yourself, but have added some creativity around it.

In conclusion, if everything I have shared fails and you gain a ton of weight in January, no problem just reach out to me @coachcathyfitness on Instagram. I will be more than happy to help you chop off the excess weight 😁😁😁

Thanks Pastor ‘M’ for this absolutely amazing opportunity to share on this platform. I do not take it for granted at all. I love and appreciate you Ma and a Merry Christmas everyone!

Catherine Ebiri- Okoro

Aka Coach Cathy


  1. Very good advice, these last months ehn, taste and try everything spree but Lord help me, I have been praying for discipline and we shall win this battle

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