Hey people

So I’m so excited to introduce one of our guest bloggers for this year.

She is the CEO and creative director of Zoya jewels and Uzo jewels.

What you didn’t know is she’s also what we call Minister of Enjoyment.

If you are looking for the best places to eat ever, Zoya is your girl.

Zoya knows food; it’s her love language. Jeweler and foodie. 😍😍 and because we love you so much we got her to tell us the best places to eat if you happen to be in Lagos Nigeria this season.

Not everyday cook. Some days go out and eat what someone else cooked. 😁

Here she is ….


Yaayy! It’s finally holiday season, which means we get to spend some quality time with our friends and families. Holiday Season is not complete without food! This post is a special one dedicated to all the foodies in the house. Rub your bellies, unfasten your belts and zips as I take you through my top 5 restaurants to hangout with your friends and families this season.
Budget: N15,000 – N20,000 for 2 people.

Bungalows is a very chilled place. If you need some quiet and alone time with the boo, Bungalows is the spot to go to either in Ikeja or Victoria Island. They have a good selection of meals, from Oriental to Continental and African dishes. My advice, peep the menu before you get there so you don’t spend more time deciding on what to eat instead of bonding with the boo and friends.
Average Spend With Drinks: N9,000

This is the ultimate eat and wound yourself plan for Christmas. Mostly hotels offer buffet services where you get to eat all you can. You can try out Intercontinental Hotel, Four Points by Sheraton, Radisson Blu, Golden Tulip and more. The best way to enjoy buffet is to go with friends. The jokes, the banter on who can eat the most rounds make it such a hearty gathering especially for this season.
Average Spend With Drinks: N9,000

This is the go to spot for you and your girls. Although small in space, the menu is great and you’re sure to enjoy the meals. Here’s a small tip, for starters, get the Naan Bread. It’s large enough to share with 3 to 4 people. The Chicken Yasa (Senegalese Dish) and Circa Mixed Grill are highly recommended.
Average Spend With Drinks: N8,500

Kohinoor is a Restaurant, Lounge and Bar in Lekki. This is a perfect spot to hangout with your friends on a cool December evening. Enjoy their delicious platter while singing your hearts out to some Christmas songs at their karaoke bar. I visited Kohinoor a few months back and to me they have the best finger foods platter in Lagos. Every item, every bite was a hit back to back. Also they have nice backgrounds for Instagram worthy pictures. Be sure to stop and take cool photos because if you don’t give them, how will they collect? Lol.
Average Spend With Drinks: N9,000

Before I unveil my top spot …

This is my absolute fave spot in Lagos right now. Maison Kayser is the ultimate friends and family restaurant. Perfect for brunch after Sunday Service, the best part is they have a playroom for kids. Isn’t that great? You can have your kids playing while you sneak a few minutes of alone time with boo. The menu is great and the dessert is amazing. I have been here 4 times, mostly because of the dessert. I have such a sweet tooth and these guys satisfy my cravings all the time. Average Spend With Drinks: N8,500

For good measure, and because it’s Christmas Season let me throw in a bonus spot that I will be checking out this season. NOIR LAGOS. I have heard such good reviews about here. I can’t wait to check them out and report back to you.
Have you visited any of these spots? What was your take? If you read this and pay any of them a visit, please come back and let us know what your experience was like.
I wish you an amazing Christmas.
Thanks for reading!



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