Ayeeeeee……Ladies ooo groove season is here. Owambe and Igba nkwu everywhere. The IJGBs are back therefore slayage is of the essence. Amen?

As per usual on these streets, we bring in the best hands and brains to help/guide us to having a fantastic holiday and today we have imported an absolute fave.

She is a hard-working Nigerian ‘yoot’, a Make Up Artist with the most soothing hands. Though based in Abuja, she is available to travel and you’ll find details as you read further. In the event that you cannot get her to meet you, she has dropped a few tips to get your face beat up to a beautiful pulp this season.

Are ya ready?

Ladies and gen…no wait, this is just for the ladies. Laaddiieesss! stand up for Dami!!!


Hello Jewels, it’s Dami ‘Bote here. I’m a makeup artist currently working at Duprinah’s Studio and I’d be giving you an in depth tutorial with product recommendations on how to wear your makeup this season of Christmas.

The bells are jingling and Christmas season is upon us already. I’d be going over one of the quickest and easiest routines you’d need to get your face snatched in this season and beyond. Please feel free to switch up the routine as you think best, just make sure you look best in all your pictures this season and beyond.
Going right in, I’d be taking you through the steps and giving good recommendation of products. First you need to work on a clean canvas with clean tools and your hands not missing out on the clean action too.

If you’re coming straight out the shower, you definitely shouldn’t bother with this again, but if you’ve been out of the shower for a while and have gotten some excess oil or sebum on that beautiful face, please do well to wash with a mild soap or face wash.

Before you begin applying your makeup, NEVER skip this step… whether you have oily, combination or normal skin, you are not excused to miss this step. Take the time to prep your skin with a good moisturizer. Choosing the right kind of moisturizer for your skin type is very important but no one goes wrong with a good facial mist such as good ol’ rose water which could be DIY and a lightweight but potent moisturizer which is ‘non-comedogenic’ (@MSMETICS MOISTURE POTION). Apply enough moisturizer, gently rub it in using circles, and give it a few minutes to be absorbed into your skin before moving onto the next step.

Now that you’ve moisturized what you want to do is to prime your skin in preparation for your foundation to enhance its wear. But before that, I have a good trick that I discovered a couple of years back… I use this trick to retain the nice even sheen throughout my face by reducing that dryness we get under the eyes from all the setting and baking with setting powders… basically all I do is apply some of my moisturizer under the eyes and then go in with a good facial oil … olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil, vitamin e oil which also helps brighten that area or even a tiny bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly will do the trick. Just incorporate the use of moisturizing and lightweight oils to lock in extra moisture under the eyes.

Using primer under your makeup will make your look last longer. It just helps to create better canvas for the rest of the makeup to apply and sit all wear long. Choose primers that work best for the skin issue you’re trying to conceal… do you have large pores? then you need a pore minimizing primer (MILANI PRIME SHIELD, MAYBELLINE ,MASTER PRIME) , open pores? you need a pore filling primer (BENEFI T COSMETICS POREFESSIONAL, NYX ANGEL VEIL), you are trying to combat excess oil or shine, then you need a mattifying primer (BECCA EVER MATTE PORELESS PRIMER). Just make sure to apply them evenly to the specific parts of your face that need it. Incase all these are not readily within your reach you can purchase (@YANGABEAUTY PRYM MATTE).

Now that your face is prepped, all you need to do is smack on that foundation effortlessly

Finding the perfect shade for your skin is priority number one, Here, you’d need your clean and dry foundation brush and beauty sponge. you shouldn’t match your foundation to your face alone. Your best guide is to consider the parts of your body closest to your face first such as your neck, and chest area and then consider other perimeters of your body, we need the whole you looking together. In application too, I highly recommend that you shade match and apply starting from your chin area closest to your neck. This helps you see better if you’re on the right track as regards your shade match.
Before you start with your concealer, the beauty sponge will come in handy after brush application especially if you have textured skin. All you’d need to do is to use the beauty sponge when damp to lightly push in your foundation so it’s not just sitting on your skin but you’re strategically pushing it in.

Next up is …
It’s wise to invest in two shades of concealer. One very similar to your skin tone to cover dark spots and other facial blemishes. The other should be lighter than your skin tone, and can be used to highlight certain areas of the face. Your concealer should be applied horizontally over the center of your forehead, down the center of your nose, under your eyes, at the top of your chin, just under your bottom lip. You gently blend into the surrounding skin blending from the outer edges inward. This is just to give a good blend and help reduce the risk of spreading the products farther than where it need be and reducing the possibility of harsh lines *jingle bells jingle bells, no harsh lines be found*

I’d breeze through this next step, because if you followed through all the previous steps correctly we can safely skip this… but not to worry, just grab your fluffy powder brush and lightly sweep your face powder on … we already baked enough cakes for Christmas so were not about to bake another cake on your face so take it easy on the powder.
Now, please reach out for your beauty sponge and open your setting powder, my recommendation would be (@BEAUTYBYAD SETTING POWDERS). making sure that you’re confident in the fact that you can do all things … please hold you mirror and look up, yes sis, look up and blend those lines right under your eyes, because what you set is what you get, and we definitely don’t want those crooked lines right under those beautiful eyes so we gotta lay them straight. Look up sis, blend those lines, dip your beauty sponge in your setting powder and push that powder in there, done that? now you can look down. *whew* see? we’re really doing a look wearable in this season because I just made you look like a Reindeer.

Now we are definitely looking flat from all the setting powder so add some dimension back to our face by adding some warmth back to the perimeters of our face. Your bronzer should be at most 3 shades darker than you. (I recommend the FULL SPECTRUM COVERGIRL SCULPT EXPERT BRONZER in EBONY ). Apply your bronzer in the shape of a number “3” on both sides of the face. Start at your forehead, pull the bronzer along your cheeks, then sweep it across the jawline.
Next, dip into your favorite loose (@YANGABEAUTY CANDID GLOW LOOSE HIGHLIGHTERS) or compact highlighter, dusting off excess and sweeping along the highest points of your face where light naturally hits… the cheekbone, the tip and bridge of the nose, the brow bone. Please make sure not to pack it on, we just want to achieve a natural yet noticeable glow on those parts.
Please I’m going to skip blush cause I don’t want any overzealous jewel to shock us all with Christmas colors. Ok ok, if you’d use blush please sweep very lightly over your cheeks, if your light skinned, peachy and pink tones would look good, medium to dark skin can use more of plum tones.

Hey sis at this point I’d need to you grab that beauty sponge one last time dip it in some of that setting powder and just place some powder under the eye. We’re going in to do some cute but effortless eyeshadow look and we need that powder resting under the eyes to catch eyeshadow fallouts.
At this point Jewels, I’m sure you can tell that you’re almost done but what’s a good face beat without beautifully sculpted brows… sis I say sculpt? Maybe not … the point is that you have a good canvas to help you see better where you need to go in with your brow products. So if you have decent brows already, just lightly fill it in… and clean up nicely with a little concealer. Add some concealer onto the lid or an eyeshadow primer and blend in to have a smooth base. limit the application to one eye per time because you need the eye you’d be working on to be closed so as to avoid having any creases on your lid.

Eyeshadow can add the exact vibe you need to you to your whole look this Christmas, whether you opt for neutral shades or go bold with colorful hues. I’d recommend we rock a nude eye look and jazz it up as we dim fit with nice glimmering pigments (@YGLAMBEAUTY_COSMETICS in GLITZ, @LUZTACOSMETICS in SUNFLOWER)
So for your skin complexion, all you need to do is to grab a good eyeshadow palette (JACLYN HILL x MORPHE eyeshadow palette). Just find the shades of nude browns that best suit your skin tone. Go at least two shades lighter than your actual skin tone on your eyelid and then go with the darker browns that are dark enough to add depth and cast shadows to the outer corner of your eyes. You want to dip your eyeshadow brush into the light shade, tap the excess off and apply the lighter shadow across the entire lid, starting at the lash line and ending just above the crease of your eyelid. Now dip your brush into the darker color, tapping off the excess once again. Apply at the outer corner of your eye, just above your lash line. Sweep the darker color across your eyelid crease in a way to frame the lid color, your application should start above the lash line to where the crease is i.e. the part of your eye where your eyeball sinks in. Take a clean shadow brush and blend the two shades together. If you’d like a more intense look, reapply the darker shadow once more and touch on the lid color again if need be.

Jazz up this look by adding some clear pigments on that eyeshadow… just dip your hands in tap off excess and press onto the eyelid.
Now you can opt for a liner … three types of liner I’d recommend to use would be a liquid liner (@YANGABEAUTY CARBON BLACK LIQUID EYELINER), be sure to use those that have a very precise tip, or you use a gel liner and apply with a super flat angled or liner brush for that feline look or you use another one of my effortless tricks.

Just take a good flat eyeshadow brush, dip it in a black eyeshadow, dust of excess and buff it into your lash like be as intense as you like and buff out the edges neatly to finish… wing it if you feel it *busting rhymes*. Don’t forget to line your lower lashline too. You could use a black gel liner and not a liquid liner, a black kohl pencil or any other color that can add some extra jingle to the look.

Next step is to prep your lashes … if you’re a #no-falsies person, carefully coating your top and bottom lashes with a good mascara (@YANGABEAUTY EYETENTION MASCARA) would do. But if you like to wear a good pair of strip lashes (@ENLASHNG), select a lash style that accentuates your eye shape and flatters it the most. Prep them by using a good non-latex eyelash adhesive (@ENLASHNG GLUE) applied evenly on the lash band, let it air for about 20 seconds and then then start applying using a tweezer to place the lash closest to your lashline in middle, hold in place for a few seconds till its secure, move to place the outer end till its set in place ten adjust to fit the inner corner. Your lash should be sitting right by now and you can do well with another trick. Get the tip of your thumb and index finger a bit wet, carefully, place your lashes between them and press together with your natural lashes. This helps you close up that space between your natural lashes and the falsies.

*waltz in your head cause we’re now that the final step of application*

Hey Jewels, you definitely want your lips looking luscious and smooth under lip color, grab a wipe and clean off any foundation you have on your lips, apply a lip moisturizer (VASELINE ROSY LIPS) if they are chappy chapped, blot off excess and proceed … choose the lip colors of your choice, I’m definitely wearing a red lip cause its Christmas and putting on the colors of the season one way or the other and it’s the lip way *winks*. With any lip color of your choice, apply the product on your natural lip line… if your using a liquid lipstick, employ the use of a lip brush for a more precise application or use a lip liner to carve out your lips and then go in with your lipstick. If you’re working with two shades of lipstick or one, just go in with the darker color on the outer parts and have a cocktail of the other shades in the middle, just make sure to blend it all seamlessly. Opt for a clear gloss over your desired lip combo… gloss just takes the whole look to another level… you just cannot go wrong with a glossy lip.

Finish up your entire look by applying a fixing and setting/finishing spray (@YANGABEAUTY SET TO GO). You want makeup that stays on all day long, greasing or creasing minimally.
Hold the bottle at least 8 inches from your face, then spritz lightly making sure all through you’re a safe distance away from the face so as not to make the contact with the skin too intense and then cause products to wash off. If you want to ensure your makeup is covered from forehead to under eye to chin, first spritz in an X shape across your face, then follow it up by spraying in a T shape. make sure not to squeeze while spraying. Keep your eyes closed till at least your eye area is completely dry, and then allow the rest to air dry or use a hand fan to quicken the process.

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May this Holiday Season bring you sparkle and shine and may all your wishes and dreams come true, Merry Christmas, merry everything and happy always.


Dami ‘Bote