What’s upppppp people ?! How is it going on your end? Who has been to the markets lately ? OMG!!! The crowd!

I’m just glad I came back with my toes complete yesterday. Well, I’ve resolved to shopping for whatever else I need online let them not kill me for my mother .Speaking of shopping 😁…we started shopping for our christmas clothes yesterday

and we continue today. Yassss!!!All my plus size ladies where y’all at ?!!!

You thought we had forgotten about you in our clothes shopping plans? Wait till you see what our guest writer for today has for you .

Here’s a quick introduction of our guest writer.

She is the President of the Plus Size Slayage Gang and the founder of Shaped by SandB – a clothing line that focuses on plus sized women. Ladies and gentlemen, Uzo Ijeh.


As The President & Commissioner Of The β€œPlus Size Slayage Gang” @shaped_bysandb Came About.

Shaped By S&B was birthed out of my own personal struggles of always looking for What To Wear as a Plus Size lady.

As a naturally stylish lady, The Problem Always Was β€˜Finding What To Wear’, β€˜Finding My Size In Boutiques’, Tailors Always Sewing Funny Outfits For Me’ 😭 and even telling you it’s cause of your sizeπŸ˜‚ (Kai I suffered).

All These Struggles Inspired Me To Start My Clothing line called Shaped By S&B.

Our Major Aim Is To Help Every Plus Size Woman Look Great.

We Believe That β€˜Being Plus Size Is NO no To Look Shabby & Unstylish.

We believe that the Plus Size Woman Can Be Stylish Too and we believe that in this season , your Slayage will be effortless, Amen?!

Shaped By S&B Also Caters For All Sizes so come as you are .Whatever Your Size Is, We Have Something Fab For You!😍



The number one plus-size fashion house, where the plus-size woman can Get ALL her needs catered to, From Beautiful Lingerie To Jaw dropping outfits, Shoes, Bags, Beautiful makeovers.

The Total Plus-size Woman Store.

So far we’ve released 2 Collections-

The First Lady Collection


The Noel Christmas Collection.


We’re everywhere!πŸ˜„

Instagram- @shaped_bysandb

Facebook- @shapedbysandb

We can be contacted via;

Calls- 08089370657

WhatsApp- 09022994818

We literally look forward to meeting you!


Follow us as we show you some of our work so far;

Happy shopping darlings.

Love, Uzo .

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