Heyyy ladieeesss!!!! Chisom again 😁 . Yep! You’re going to be bumping into me a lot in these streets, so brace up!

Sooo, you remember how the wise men were led by a star to Jesus right? Let me just say my mind, if I see a star trying to lead me, I’ll never think a manger. I’ll first think royalty, palace, you know , some important place and not a manger. But God and His dramatic and mysterious ways 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anyhoo, the holiday is upon us. The children have closed school for the year, harmattan has traveled to Canada

and you might also be making travel plans.

But you see this UK and US ehn, it’s not everytime. Sometimes let’s allow the star lead us to someplace within Africa, save those outrageous ticket fares because after December like this, January hits us with like 72 days.

That said, here are the some super chill ‘within africa’ destinations that’ll be perfect for your holiday with friends and/or family. In no particular order

1. Rwanda
Rapidly growing famous, Rwanda is reportedly one of the most welcoming grounds for people of diverse cultures. Visa required

2. Namibia
Christmas falls during the hottest period in Namibia, so pack you sunglasses and sunscreen if you are considering there as a destination. Visa required

3. Kenya
Nairobi is known for its Wild life and safari for those into such and December in Kenya is void of rain or has it at it’s barest minimum. Visa on arrival, valid for 90days.

4. Seychelles
Ha!!! This is now everyone’s honeymoon destination o, and it so happens to be great also at Christmas. Population: 97,739!! No you didn’t hear me, I said Eti Osa local government alone is three times the entire population of a whole country. You can’t tell me the air there won’t be different, water crystal clear. Lord!!! I can already feel the tranquility just from writing about it. Visa on arrival ,valid for 12 months. PS: Don’t forget your swimwear 😉

5. Mauritius
Official language: English . Many Islands and the weather at Christmas is beach and tourism friendly. Visa on arrival valid for 30 days.

But if the star is leading you to stay at home with family, watch movies and eat junk, please by all means, indulge away!!!

Happy holidays ladies ❤️

Xoxo, Chisom.


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