Hi Ladiessss,It’s beginning to feel like Christmas already right? Offices are beginning to plan office parties

and end of year bonuses are buzzing.

Christmas lights and decor are going up in homes and we won’t sit down and watch your own home carry last.

For this reason, we have flown in (don’t ask where please, just go with the flow) a respectable events decorator to help us out .

Our next guest writer is a wife, mother, God chaser and events decorator. She is the CEO of Velvet Designs. Check out @myvelvetdesigns (on Instagram). She has the Midas touch and she’d give any room she’s to decorate the exact mood you imagined.

Ladies and gentlemen, in our usual fashion of an ovation in whatever position you dim fit,give it up for Mrs. Amaka Adeite!!!———————————————————————-

Hi ladies 😊,It’s that time of the year again. The most wonderful time of the year. You know a better way to make the season even more wonderful? Decking out you house with Christmas décor. Whether you like to keep it simple or elaborate, there is something for you on this post.

Here are a few ideas for you to help add some Christmas glam to your home:

Christmas trees are a staple for Christmas decor, but we know that we don’t buy them every year. So, go under the stairs or in the garage or wherever you packed yours up on the 1st of January and bring it. Dust it properly and don’t be dismayed by it’s state , just add lights . Lots of lights and it’ll come alive. You can hang on the other necessary Christmas tree decors.Wrap those Christmas gifts you bought for the family and place under the tree for that ‘oyibo’ effect.

For that extra pizzazz, personalize each stocking with each person’s name and stuff it with some more gifts. Could be candy , chocolates or something that won’t pull on the socks .

Garland: More Green, Red, Gold and definitely more lights.

Outdoor Lights.Take the spirit to the streets with this.

How about some fun family crafting time creating some quirky decorative pieces 😊

Happy decorating ladies .


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