CHRISTMAS SHOPPER’s GUIDE – Opeyemi Olaosebikan

Hey people,
Christmas is coming and I know how hectic shopping can be so here I am to gift you my personal food shopper. If you are really busy and barely have the time to do anything let alone go into the market then you absolutely need a food shopper. They can save you all the stress. Let’s meet her. I will allow her tell you a bit about herself.


My name is Opeyemi Olaosebikan. I am your  “professional house help”. I own the personal foodstuff shopping outfit, “DerinsPot”.
I started running DerinsPot as a hobby; it evolved from being a private chef to becoming a personal foodstuff shopper.
We shop from various major local markets within and outside Lagos (Mile 12, Makoko, outskirts of Ibadan, the North, Kara/Saki) and, also deal directly with farmers in order to achieving the mission of farm to table.
DerinsPot Marketplace has grown in the last 20 months with experience garnered in being a part of 350 families and having an average service base of 160 families per month.
We have been able to provide convinience by building a community of food sharers.
We also offer private butchery services to cater to the needs of every home by ensuring they get livestock slaughtered and cleaned hygienically.
As the festive period approaches, here are some price estimates you can look out for (please note, the prices are not cast in stone as availability and nature of the season can cause a change in rates).

Frozen foods.

Chicken Orobo – 16500
Chicken Normal – 15600

Turkey – 17500

Croacker fish – 22500

Mackerel (Titus) – 21500
Big panla – 14500
Normal panla – 9500


*Tomatoe hausa big basket: 12000
*Jos(utc) tomatoes basket (36kg): 15000
*1/2 hausa tomatoe: 6000
*jos utc tomatoe – 1/2 basket – 7500

* a basket of pepper :3500
*1/2 basket :1750

*A basket of tatashe: 4400
*1/2 basket of tatase: 2200

*Abuja yam:600 /800/1000

• A bag of potatoes: 12000
• Half bag of potatoes: 6000
• Quarter bag of potatoes: 3000

*Bag of Irish potatoes:52000
* Portion of potatoes: 1600
*A basket of onions (white):13,000
A basket of Red onions: 10000
*Half basket onions : 6500
* Quarter basket onions : 3250

Crates of egg 1000
*A paint of brown beans (Oloyin): 1300
*Paint of brown beans (olotu) :1100
*Paint of brown beans (oloyin pelebe): 1200
*A paint of Ijebu Garri: 600
*Yellow garri:500
*. Palm oil 5liters: 2800
*. Vegetable oil 5liters(non cholesterol) 3,500
*Kings vegetable oil 10 litters (non cholesterol):6500

Here are some tips on where to find foodstuff cheaper than your regular market.
Mile 12 – Fresh/ dried foodstuff.
Lagos Island (Oke Arin) – Groceries.
Makoko – Seafood.
Akwa Ibom – Crayfish/ fish/ stockfish.
Livestock – The North/ Kara/ Saki
Palmoil – The East/Ondo
Potatoes – Jos. . .etc
You need a dedicated food stuff shopper at minimal cost?
I take the stress off you and do your shopping.
Your forever kitchen pal and foodstuff guru., the chief Executive Help (CEH) of Derinspot.

IG: Derinspot

Meet opeyemi Olaosebikan

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