Hi Ladiessss, how’s it going on your end? Soooooo, today is a very special day. We are having our very first guest writer for the season! Yaaaay!

So most of our nursery and primary kids have closed from school, and we gotta keep’em busy and bond or they’ll get busy by themselves and you know what that means.

Well, our guest writer to the rescue. She is a nursery teacher at Preserved Generation Schools and also a teacher at Preserved Generation, the Children arm of David’s Christian Centre. It goes without saying that she’s passionate about children and a lover of God.

She also is very artsy and has remarkable dexterity with crafts.a.k.a she can use paper, glue and twine to build anything. Do you get?

Now Ladies and gentlemen(cos I heard some men sneak up in here 😏), with an ovation in whatever position you dim fit, let us make welcome Temitola Ahamefula!!!

*Steps away for Temitola to take the stage*


Hello Ladies😊 . It’s no news that Christmas season is one of the most pleasant times of the year; families get together sometimes for the first time in the entire year! It’s most likely the only time of the year when families get to spend time together and create memories that will linger for the rest of the year and into the new year.
This is why it is important to create as many pleasant memories as you can in this time of the year especially with your children. Children never forget but are the best forgivers! They forgive easily as they remember.
So, this season, here are a couple of craft activities you can do with your children to make family time memorable, create lasting memories and have quality time with your children. They are easy and many of them can be completed with materials that can be found around the house.

A Christmas tree is never complete without ornaments. Ornaments range from crystal balls, to ginger bread man, candy sticks etc. This year, instead of buying these ornaments, you can make some with your children and have them hang them on the Christmas tree.

Children have a way of taking ownership of things they are involved in and you’ll be surprised at how seriously they will take this project and brag to everyone who walks into your home about how they decorated their Christmas tree.
All you need for this project are old puzzle pieces. Have your children arrange these puzzle pieces into different shapes or animals like the reindeer in the picture and glue the pieces together then hang them on your Christmas tree. The googly eyes on this picture and the red nose can be substituted with paper eyes and beads. To make your puzzle ornaments beautiful, use different colours and sizes of puzzle pieces or paint the pieces with different colours.

2. Paper Head-Bands
These headbands are sure to keep your children excited during the holiday. Having them play dress up and pretend to be either Santa, Rudolf or an Elf is a great way to create those pleasant memories this season. All you need is to download the patterns here. Print out the patterns on coloured paper or on white paper and have the children colour them. Be sure to make one for yourself too and take pictures with your children.

3. Tissue paper roll Christmas tree
Tissue paper rolls make for great craft materials; I never throw them away. I have a stash of them at home for times when I need to do a quick craft.
For this craft you’ll need;
1. Tissue paper rolls
2. Green
3. Assorted paint colors for the lights
4. Glue
5. Cotton buds
You’ll need to cut the rolls into different sizes, have your children paint them and assemble them as seen in the picture with glue. Use the cotton buds to apply the lights on your makeshift tree. Easy peasy!

4. Paper snowman Craft
For this craft you’ll need;
1. A4 paper
2. Glue
3. Old buttons
4. Marker
5. Scissors
Assemble the craft as seen in the picture above. This craft can also be hung as an ornament on your Christmas tree. I love it because it reminds me of Olaf in Frozen. You can get more craft ideas like this from here.

5. Christmas Cards
So you are thinking of buying Christmas cards to give loved ones right? How about making some really nice cards at home with your children and sending them off to your friends and family. It will give the children a great sense of pride knowing that the cards they made were sent off to other people.
For these Christmas cards, you only need;
1. White, Red and Brown paint
2. A ribbon(for the candy cane card)
3. A black pen.
4. Yours and your children’s thumbs.
Yeah, these cards are made from thumb prints. Very easy and quick to create. When was the last time you had your hands messy with paint anyway? Don’t hold back on getting messy with your kids, a little paint never hurts.

6. Nativity Scene
Christmas is and always will be a time to remember the birth of Jesus our Saviour. He is the reason for this season. More than anything, our children need to know this, we must consistently pass down the story of the birth of Jesus to our children so that they won’t forget.

For this final craft, have your children gather all their toys and together recreate the nativity scene. Let them choose which toy will represent what and set it up in a corner of the house where it will not be disturbed and can stay for a couple of days.
After setting up the scene, seat around it with your children and tell the story of the birth of Christ; you can read it from a children’s story book, the bible(preferably the Message translation) or simply narrate it for them in a dramatic way.

I can assure you that next Christmas, they will ask for the same story time activity.

I’m glad I was able to do this and I hope it’s been helpful .Have a fun filled Christmas season as you create pleasurable memories with your family. Merry Christmas everyone.

Love, Tola.

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