Somehow this is largely what I hear in my head when I think of decluttering.L etting it all go. Making room for fresh air. There may be sentimental attachments but you can rest assured that you will be just fine without them, I dare say even better. Those unfruitful whatsapp groups, pointless Instagram pages, toxic relationships, unhealthy acquaintances, thoughts and habits, just ‘mark all’ and ‘delete’. Then go to recycle bin/recently deleted items and clear all. When “Are you sure you want to delete?” pops up, don’t even give it a second thought. They are only trying to get you to believe you’d need them someday . Lies! Hit delete ladies, hit it hard.5xaoclwevfoizxhvyvy

Right after you are done decluttering your mental space, you move to the physical.


This part for a lot of people is usually more tasking than the mental declutter mostly because after they eventually make it out of the sentimental bind they have with these items, the issue of where to keep them comes up and that’s usually another stress. But not to worry, we’ll walk through this from start to finish together.


Decluttering you physical space doesn’t just happen in your closet, it goes all the way to your living room, kitchen and even garage. Hence, the entire process may take days depending on how many hands your have on deck.

For the sake of this post, we will take off from your closet and then apply the same techniques to the other areas.

Are you ready?
Here’s a list of things you’ll be needing.

  • °Bin bags – as many as possible
  • Surgical masks- for those hypersensitive to dust and nano particles.
  • Mind – You’ll be needing mind to let go of some these items trust me.

Let’s go.

Mentally create two sections on the floor, where you label:
a. Trash it, and
b. Give it away.
Place one bin bag each on both sections preferably on your right and left sides.

NOTE: You’ll need to replace them with new ones as they get full.

Following the criteria listed below, Take out clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and other personal effects and put them in either of the bags.


  • It is torn or faded (It’s most likely very old)
  • It has a big indelible stain – (Can you restore it to its original state? Be honest)
  • It is tarnished or broken – (For obvious reasons)
  • The material is wearing off – (Especially in the cases of leather)
  • It is that underwear. That one you’ve had since 2015. Comes mostly in black. It has been faithful, yes, but it’s time to lay it to rest. Trash that thing sis.

*oops! There goes the table *



  • It doesn’t fit any longer because fit fam is working
  • It doesn’t fit any longer because calories are working
  • It hasn’t been used in the past 6 months. Chances are you won’t use it in the next 6.
  • You have more than 2 of the exact thing.
  • You didn’t even know it was there until now – you clearly have been doing just fine without it.
  • Here’s an extra reason to give it away – God loves a cheerful giver.

A. Take the ‘Trash It’ bag where it belongs. The trash.
B. Make a list (mental or physical) of people you can bless with items in the Give it Away bag.
Get the items cleaned and packaged neatly.
Present them nicely to the recipient.

In the event that you don’t have such a list, also get the items cleaned and packaged nicely, ready to bless a wider range of people at Christmas a 1000x better.

About Christmas 1000x better.

Because reaching out is a core value and giving is a culture at my church, a Christmas tradition was birthed. It involves giving gifts ranging from food supllies to clothing and cash to unsuspecting families within and around the community who are unable to provide these things for themselves. Over the years, we have seen people turn to God because of this simple act of generosity and this year, we are going bigger.
Instead of going house to house, on the 14th of December this year we will be setting up a grand fair on the mainland where members of the community will come and shop for free. OMG! ‘Shop’ and ‘Free’ in the same sentence! Well, yes! It’s going to be a free shopping day. And not only will they come and pick clothings, house wares and food items, they also get to make/cut their hair, get their pedicure and manicure done, and have medical checkups ALL for FREE.

Do you now see how you’ll be blessing a community from your Give it Way bag? You get to play Santa this year. Lol.

Enjoy your new space, breathe and wait for you pressed down shaken together running over blessings.


I’m going to leave you to it now. Enjoy your new space ✌🏼.



  1. See I did this a few months back, decluttered my space I mean, it wasn’t intentional sha but I realize that I don’t even miss anything I gave away, yes I liked them and I was attached but really , it didn’t make a difference when they were gone. But I can feel the breeze


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