Dear Santa

If you have children then I’m sure by now you know that this letter is actually addressed to you. I know this because Saint Nick is not flying over your house at anytime in the near future. If you live in Nigeria then I’m sure you know this heat is literally going to undo the guy.

I don’t mean to be a Debbie downer but if the kids are getting any presents this Christmas I’m sure you know it’s up to you.

So now that’s out of the way, let me give you a few tips on how to be Santa on a budget for kids (2-12) 😁


  • Borrow a leaf from Santa. The guy sure knows how to cut down on the budget in a smart way. So the idea is this. Everyone gets a present (oh! That’s a given) Every one MUST get a gift. However the number of gifts or the size is determined by how often you appear on the naughty list. Usually keeps kids on their best behavior and teaches them that actions have consequences. But I repeat every child deserves a gift and MUST get one if other children are getting one.

    Don’t make the mistake of buying Christmas presents too close to Christmas. You may not find what the kids really want because all kids seem to want the same things. They all love the same superheroes or games or toys.

    KEEP IT SIMPLE …and cheap

    What you need to understand is that kids would rather have a lot of cheap gifts than just one expensive one. With children the more the merrier 😂🤣 for lack of a better expression 😁. So if you are planning to buy spend N5000 they would rather have five N1000 gifts than 1 N5000 gift. Please note that the older they get the more they expect quality over quantity so this doesn’t apply to teenagers. Remember this is for toddlers to preteens. When buying toys the cheaper the better because they will get bored with it or pull it apart especially if you have an engineer in the making on your hands. My advice is go cheap because I know how upset you will be when you see the expensive toy ripped apart.

    Okay Santa. Are you ready? Here are a few things that you need to make sure are featured every Christmas

  • TOYS
  • The usual suspects always work:
  • dolls
  • action figures
  • Stuffed animals
  • Like Elmo – I love this one. Tickle him and he laughs. It’s adorable 😍
  • teddy bears
  • Oh! This is so cute too – Simba from Disney’s lion king
  • I also absolutely love educational toys
  • Good time to bring out the pads
  • Or LEGO
  • Trust me you can go in any direction. Another favorite for all time


    Or even cars

    But if you are feeling really extravagant then why not try the Electric toy Cars

    Toys are unlimited and great as gifts.


    I love books

    and I simply love to encourage children to read.

    I cannot tell you how much it changed my life as a child. I could be anywhere and anyone and not even lift a finger or foot 😉

    I know parents complain kids don’t like to read but I guess we haven’t just shown them the right books.

    So go all out on books. Story books, coloring books, activity books, comics… the list is endless.

    Just go wild. Don’t forget the classics.

    At least let them read a few of the books you read. (If you didn’t read them then please ensure you address me as aunty pastor m from now on) 😁


    I believe that kids should always have their minds working whether in school or on holiday. So I’m big on puzzles as gifts for them. All kinds actually




    Word search

    Rubix cube

    Anything that keeps their little hands mad minds busy.


    What is Christmas without lots and lots of candy? Just let it flow.

    However don’t forget to let them brush their teeth after and a visit to the dentist in January would not hurt.

    Okay people. I really hope this helps. Just flow really. I believe you should go as creative as you want.

    But above all. Lots of kisses and hugs.


    Pastor Mildred

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