Don’t get it twisted, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.

But in the event that you cannot quickly run to Russia and come back in 23 to 29 days with an authentic diamond bracelet, here are some Christmas gift ideas for the women in your life that won’t cost you $2,500 and above.


The glow culture is an actual movement. Any woman would appreciate anything that’d enhance and maintain her skin appearance. For better presentation , buy a collection preferably in a box to give it all that gifty feel, you know what I mean.

These speak volumes especially when you get the unique ones. They’d turn an ordinary outfit to an extraordinary ensemble. For a personal touch, you can get the customized necklaces or bracelet
A few plugs.
@zoyajewels on IG

@Amarzjewelry on IG

@Uzojewelry on IG

Thisssss right here people! With this you completely are relieved of the trouble of ‘what to buy ‘ and you give her the thrill of FREE SHOPPING

“Oh I have too many shoes, I want no more” said no woman ever!

What best to complement the merriest season than the happiest snack. Yes! Chocolate is a happy snack. White chocolate, dark chocolate, plain chocolate, anything chocolate.

Scents!!! Scents mean a lot to not just women but the entire human race. You could also throw in some SCENTED CANDLES

Finally brethren, my personal favorite-CREDIT ALERT.

You can never go wrong with gift money especially at Christmas.This can come in pounds, dollars or naira. Ladies am I preaching good?

Now not to make this rigid or anything but there is an unwritten rule to gifting a lady. You don’t want to get her something she’d never use now would you?

She would simply go “awwwwww” on you and then give it out or keep it at the bottom of her wardrobe until it expires. (We all have those kinds of gifts)

So, the one guideline to giving usable gifts is this ; Know her enough to know what she really wants, needs or likes (or know someone that knows these things). The thought counts but the acts counts so much more.

Hope this helps. I’m out 😁✌🏼



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