The God Who Can Be Trusted

Hey people

Still on the names of God …

Today one of my favorite names of God

Contrary to what people think I didn’t make up this name. God himself introduced himself as the God who can be trusted.

This has been the driving force behind my boldly declaring that God will do what He says He will do because He can be trusted.

This is why we confidently started Hannah’s Heart our ministry expression to the women trusting God for the fruit of the womb. God is the God who keeps his word so He can be trusted.

I’m so confident in this. I like Joshua can boldly declare that every promise He Made to me He has kept.

Starting with my babies all the way to all the other miracle babies. Too many hannahs babies

See my Davida … and my David…

the miracles keep pouring in…

He’s even blessed us with twins

My godsons 😍😍

And triplets

That’s why I can boldly declare

So if you are believing God for any miracle. Don’t give up because Our God can be trusted to keep His word.

I promise you He can be and should be trusted


Pastor Mildred.

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