This is sooooo me right now.

Finally Day 30 – whether officially or unofficially … all I know is that I’m done.

Interestingly I had to run through the names of God because as always this December it will be 30 days of blogging as we get into the spirit of Christmas. So many interesting things will be happening on the blog. You’ll just have to come back to find out what.

For now, let’s get back to praying the names of God. Today we pray the name that is above all names

The name speaks for itself

His name is so powerful

It is the name that does miracles

When you call His name, God Himself goes to work personally

His name is the key to fullness of joy

One more reason why I love the name is that this the only name of God that is both a prayer and an answer

It is the name above every other. In this name all other names are fulfilled

If you want to know what a beautiful name it is then click HERE

Okay I need to run.

God bless you for praying with me these past 30 days it was definitely a November to remember

Love you

Pastor Mildred

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