Jehovah ISH – My Husband

I know this may sound like a weird name to call God but it’s actually His idea not mine.

It means that we will enter such a deep and intimate relationship with God. He told me many years ago as a single girl in University that if I learned to love Him right He would give me the right man.

He took His place in my life as my first and real husband

I learned to love Him, honor Him, listen to Him and talk to Him. He satisfies every part of me. No human being can do that.

The fact that I’m satisfied in Him makes it easy for me not to have expectations that are not possible for my husband to meet. No human being can meet your needs. Only Jesus can and He has to die first.

Today I pray that you become so intimate with God that you can boldly declare that He is your husband not just your master.


Pastor Mildred.

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